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About Chris Wachtman

This summer I will be joining the 2014 TransAm team for the VA and the CO portions of their ride. I completed the entire TransAm route with the 2011 Team, and 3 years later I'm back for more!

I'm a Web-Developer, Virginia Tech alumni, parkour enthusiast, Google Glass Explorer, and of course, cyclist.

Movement is my life and I'm glad to be supporting a cause that fights MS, a disease that robs so many people of their movement.

You can make a donation from this page or send a check to this address with my name on the memo line.

Bike the US for MS
PO Box 10001 

Blacksburg, VA 24062

Remember, this is tax deductible! (tax ID #27-2192426)

Even if you cannot contribute directly, you can help emensly by spreading the word! You'll likely find that someone you know has been affected by MS.

Chris Wachtman's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2014 TEAM TOTAL: $123476

ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $1025
Anonymous $500.00
Warren Snaider $180.00
DC Bike Party $80.00
Billy Hay $50.00
Abigail Nichols $25.00
Amanda Clark $25.00
Murda Bits $25.00
Omar Javaid $25.00
Suzann Tom $25.00
Wolcheski Enterprises $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
George Cummins $20.00
Mr Metze $15.00
brittany ashe $10.00