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About Gary Sadler

Hi, my name is Gary.  I live and work in the south west of England and have done so for most of my life. I'm a keen, but not too serious cyclist. I completed the UK 'end to end' in 2008.

I turn 50 at the end of this summer, and was looking for something worthwhile to do to mark the occasion when I came across Bike the US for MS. 

Cycle across America in aid of Multiple Sclerosis – what a great opportunity to combine an adventure with the chance to do a little good I thought – my application went in soon after.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed pretty good health throughout my life – I’m guilty of taking it for granted. A little bit of research into the effects of MS made me realise just how lucky I am.

If the money raised on this trip can make even a small positive difference to a sufferer's quality of life, then that’s great.

I do however undertake the trip with some trepidation. My biggest fear isn’t:

saddle sores, mechanical breakdown (me or the bike), sunstroke, snakebites, or even shotgun wielding hill folk (not sure who or where they are, but an American friend of mine told me to watch out for them!).

My biggest fear is; 

July 13th 2014 – England have reached the World Cup Final in Brazil and I’m pedalling across the Utah desert at least 50 miles fom the nearest TV. 

England’s one and only Final appearance to date was 1966! Apparently, I watched the game aged 21 months, propped in front of a black and white TV set at my Nan's. Unfortunately I have no recollection. It would be a shame to miss it this time round.

If you’ve got as far as reading to the bottom of my brief resume, please consider donating to such a worthy cause by clicking on the ‘Donate’ tab at the top right of my page. To pinch a phrase from a well known English supermarket chain, ‘Every Little Helps’.

Thank you.


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