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About Mark Alston

So as it says above I'm Mark, I Herald from Hertfordshire, England and I am pleased and petrified in equal measure, to be accepted for this upcoming Ride.

Why am I riding across America, when i live in the U.k? Well that's a multi faceted answer.

Firstly it has always been something that has been lurking around inside my crazy grey matter (All be it this crazy idea mostly resided in my youth, and has laid dormant until NOW)

Secondly I have this disease and anything that can be done to raise awareness and help those suffering with this sometimes invisible and mostly silient illness is well... IMPORTANT!! I want to prove to myself and to anyone else that M.S doesn't have to rule your life. Yes it has it's challenges, but what in this life that's worth anything at all doesnt?

Thirdly I am a Father of 4 the eldest is with me here in my profile picture and already my biggest supporter of this upcoming ride, Making her proud of her Daddy, and providing a view of 'Things are possible if you want them enough' is high on my drive points.

Make NO mistake this will be a challenge of a lifetime for me, and I'm going to need support, both on the ride itself, in the terms of your doantions. Lets make it worthwhile peak to climb. Please donate as much as you can. In the words of somone else. 'Every Dollar counts'.

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Mark Alston's Fundraising


ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $1440
Graham Alston $500.00
Graham Alston $300.00
Lee Lambert $200.00
Rob Claxton $170.00
Anonymous $50.00
Rai Kempees $50.00
Terry fogden $50.00
Lauren Fry $30.00
Sian Connolly $30.00
Cora Linkhart $20.00
Gabriel Kan $20.00
Mark Alston $20.00