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About Amanda Clark

When we arrived at the Oregon coast line last August, I knew that I wanted my bike to lead me back to the West Coast again this summer.  Something about traveling 4,000+ miles by bike makes you never want to leave the saddle.  Then again, something about being a part of a wonderful organization makes you never want to leave it as well.

I have been with Bike the US for MS since its inception, but last year was the first time I participated in the actual cross country ride.  I hadn’t toured before the trip, but I absolutely fell in love with a schedule in which you woke up in a new place every morning, met new people every day, explored new landscapes, and otherwise just biked and ate.  And oh did we eat!

My first hand experience with the impact that Bike the US for MS has had on all of the individuals we have met who are affected by MS has kept me involved beyond the bike as well. By participating in service projects for people with MS along the route and in our area, Bike the US for MS makes itself so much more than just an incredible adventure or a fundraising group.  We directly reach out to people and we make a difference.

If I thought it was a rush to ride into a town with a bike gang of 12 of us, I can’t even imagine what it will feel like with almost 30 of us.  I know the funds we raise will make a huge difference to the James Q Miller MS clinic, but I also know that we will inspire, encourage, and spread hope.

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Amanda Clark's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $5350
Matthew Wixon $800.00
Clare and Don's Fundraiser $540.00
Alex Sweeney $500.00
Rans Potter $500.00
Blacksburg Fundraising Party $250.00
Robert Davis $250.00
Kroger Bake Sale $244.00
Sandra & Bernard Wixon $200.00
Blacksburg Raffle $150.00
Daniella Cortese $100.00
Harry Medrano $100.00
Richard & Betty Kelly $100.00
T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. $100.00
The Haos $100.00
Vivian Carroll $100.00
Hokie House Fundraiser $73.00
Our Daily Bread Collection Jar $53.00
Clare & Don Fundraiser $50.00
Defne Abbas $50.00
Jillian Ketron $50.00
Kirk Kandle $50.00
Melissa Hoch $50.00
Paul Kingston $50.00
Shane McComb $50.00
Susan Bishop $47.00
Andrew Friel $40.00
Dahlia Bouari $40.00
Zachary Wheeler $37.00
Jeffrey Kirwan $25.00
Jen Kivlin $25.00
Justin Shetterly $25.00
Katherine Clark $25.00
Mark Nelson $25.00
Matthew Saionz $25.00
Molly S. Fiems $25.00
Zachary Wheeler $24.00
Beatrice Ake $20.00
Ben Anderson $20.00
Geoff Rosenberg $20.00
Jihan Bowes $20.00
Kathryn Kelly $20.00
Mark Summers $20.00
Robert Jones $20.00
The Lassells $20.00
Caitlin Friel $15.00
Geronima Cortese-Jimenez $15.00
James Hartman $15.00
Joseph Forte $15.00
Winterfest $12.00
Amy Nelson $10.00
Brian Quinn $10.00
Christopher Neto $10.00
Daniel Tilman $10.00
Kevin Bing $10.00
Lisa Goin $10.00
Matthew Saionz $10.00
Melinda Schlenk $10.00
Nathan Williams $10.00
Sara Bennett $10.00
Seth Saleem $10.00
Tim Henriques $10.00
Richmond MS Walk $9.00
Bret Taylor $7.00
NRV Superbowl Jar $7.00
Jeff Macintosh $1.00