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About David White

Watching RAAM teams cross the finishline at the city dock in Annapolis and hearing their stories about the non-stop race across the states is incredible inspiring, probably particularly to endurance sports fans. So when I was asked to join a team I didn't hesitate to have a couple more beers jump on board.
Over the last 25 years I've focused on family and building a successful small company in Annapolis but have also been fortunate enough to be part of some great teams and compete in some great endurance races.
I played Rugby for a lot of years -- the highlight was playing in the National Championships. From there I transitioned into long distance running and then to the 70.3 distance triathlons that I compete in pretty regularly - often traveling to races with my wife Allison, our children Harper (12) and Brooks (10), and friends who also compete.  In my sights a full Ironman. Allison and I have raced the Mt. Washington road race a couple of years ago (she kicked my butt) and I climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro and Mt. Ranier with friends. Future plans include more hiking and biking trips with my family and crewing for Allison's RAAM race team next year.

David White's Fundraising

RAAM 2014 TEAM TOTAL: $12138

ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $100
Laura Etzler $100.00