Blacksburg, VA
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
1983 Trek of Reynolds 501 Chromalloy
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About Dustin Bond

Favorite Aspect:  Spending time with old friends and building life long relationships with new friends, don's diner, swimming pools after long days of riding, downhills, tweeting/blogging, waking up in a new place every morning, eating everything, no flats, Gerties, all night bowling, meeting nice people, yellowstone, The MS Avenger, Collin Raye, the Tetons, water parks, challenges/accomplishments, Oregon blackberries, the first shower after a few days without, watching sunrises and sunsets daily, seeing the country as few others have, raising money and awareness for MS.

Most Challenging Aspect:  Eddyville Rd, mosquitos, the blue ridge parkway, weather extremes (hot, cold, WIND, rain, dry, crushing sunshine),

crazy dogs, coal trucks, Wyoming, getting back to normal life when all I want is to keep riding.

Advice:  Eat, eat, eat, have at least 2 water bottles on you

at all times, chamois butter, brooks saddle, prepare yourselves for the

adventure of a lifetime, new friends, challenges, unforgettable experiences, the accomplishment is worth the commitment.