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About David Neibauer

Hi, I'm David Neibauer and I'm extremely grateful for this opportuntity. I've been riding a road bike since I was eleven. It still feels just as rewarding as it did the first time I made a full revolution on the bike. I have been connected to the MS Society since I began cycling. The cause and the motivation behind this organization is one I stand behind wholeheartededly. The City to Shore MS 150 was the first long ride I ever completed and thus I feel indebted to continue aiding the organization.

Apart from cycling I am an elementary school teacher. I spent my first three years teaching elementary school and then became interested in engaging minds that were above me (because most of my students are taller than me) and am thorougly excited to wake up each day to see their faces. I enjoy reading Magical Realism and the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez was very dear to me.

I have met countless people with MS and have received their thanks for doing the ride. I want to do something even greater and with more meaning to individuals with MS. I also want to film my whole journey with a little camera on my bike and show parts of my journey to my students. I view this adventure as a possibility to connect with a dream, a country, and to enhance the lives of those with MS and to help educate my students about the larger world we live in.

Lastly, I want to do this ride for individuals I know who have MS. One of my role models growing up, Larry, is aiding his wife who is afflicted with MS. I hear the stories of her suffering and the everyday sacrifices he makes. I hope to pedal and spread their story across this nation. Each morning before cycling I will leave a small memento at my campsite to honor them. I believe stretching a story of hope from one coast to another enriches everyone and creates new possibilites for the characters involved. I am thrilled at the countless experiences that lie ahead when I embark on this journey. I aim to capture many of these moments digitally in an effort to share them with the MS community and those who support them.

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