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Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Human Beings,

Thank you for opening my Bike the US for MS bio.  I completed the 2012 TransAm journey with the help of God, prayer support, and through the beautiful kindness and encouragement of fellow cyclists and TransAm leaders.  I met many amazing people on the way, like ***Tommy Johns of Missouri (see below), who overcome the difficulties of MS as the condition manifests itself in their daily lives.  That trip changed me, helped me learn to live one day at a time.  You don’t ride across a continent.  You just get up and each day, no matter how you feel, you keep going, then at the end of your designated time, you have reached your destination and can’t believe it is actually over. And your family says, “OMG!  You just rode your bicycle to California!”  But the journey really isn’t over; it stays inside of you as part of who you are and helps you make it through new challenges even if it might be the hardest thing you have ever gone through in your life.  And you never forget the “family” you bonded with during the trip, even though you are scattered all over the globe.  You know each other as nobody else does, at your dog-tired worst, and at your glorious strongest and best.  And you say, “Thank you, Lord!”

I was born ten days after Sputnik was launched.  At my age I am about to launch from CA to FL and I think I can do it.  Personally, I hope to begin a new chapter in my life.  I want to help find healing for those who suffer with MS by doing my part to raise funds for MS research through this trip.  I want to inspire others to reach big goals even if they are hard. There are so many awesome people in my life who care and make a difference.  I do not take you for granted!  I love you Mom and Dad, Margot and Scott, my family!  I love you dear friends, colleagues, and students!  I love you my Fred Bike Club cycling buddies!  I love you human race!  Gods loves you more!

*** "If I Was Doing Any Better I'd Hafta to Take Somethin for It" is the title of Tommy's book. He describes how he uses faith and humor as his foundations for living life to the fullest even in the face of MS challenges.  I really admire this author!  


TransAm Tanya, Southern Style

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ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $2905
Frances Elkins $1000.00
Anonymous $500.00
Robert Morris $250.00
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Bette Sneed $100.00
Brian Sink $100.00
Debra Cargill $100.00
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john summer $100.00
Margot Conover $100.00
Dale and Christine Johnson $50.00
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Rachel Berkowitz $50.00
Jeannine Langrin $40.00
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