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About Daniella Cortese

Favorite Aspect:  Getting to sleep in a different town/different scenery every night.  I thought this might bother me before the trip but I absolutely loved it.  It was impossible to get bored.  Getting to visit those small towns that I thought only existed in the movies was truly an experience of a life time!

Most Challenging Aspect:  For me this was the cold and my sore butt! It definitely got colder than I was prepared for, I ended up buying warmer clothes along the way.  Depending on your route pack warm socks, gloves, pants, etc.  I bought bike shorts on sale before the trip, not the best brand and it made all the difference in the world, I could barely sit I was so sore.  By the time we got to Colorado I bought a much thicker pair and it saved me!

Advice:  Enjoy every moment of it and take it one day at a time or else it might seem impossible.  Best advice I can think of is to just have no expectations.  For me, not really knowing what to expect made every minute perfect exactly as it was.

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