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About Kevin King

Hi!  My name is Kevin King and I'm an architect, engineer, and planner who works with Colleges and Universities to envision their future. I bike commute year round to my office in downtown Baltimore, Maryland and am a board member of Bike Maryland. 

I had a client with MS and got to see first hand how the disease can slowly take away ones ability to control their bodies.  His mind was sharp as ever and most importantly he maintained a brilliant sense of humor and irony.  He was a real inspiration who lived life to the fullest despite the issues resulting from MS.  For me, this ride across the country is in his honor. 

MS is a disease that affects 2.3 million people worldwide.  It causes the body's immune system to attack Myelin which insulates nerve cells.  It's similar to stripping the coating off electrical wiring causing unpredictable neurological problems. 

The money we raise will not only further research but will be used to assist those with the disease.  During our ride we will complete several service projects for families affected by the disease.  

I've set a modest goal of raising $1.50 per mile.  Help me exceed this goal and support this important cause.  Any financial assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. 

Thank you,

Kevin King

Kevin King's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $191723

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $8132
Ayers-Saint-Gross Inc Matching Gift $500.00
Christine Ten Eyck $500.00
Douglas Riley $500.00
The Joyce and Joseph Lynagh Charitable Gift Trust $500.00
jack black $385.00
Anonymous $250.00
Adam Gross $200.00
Gail Johnson $150.00
Jim Wheeler $150.00
Jon Eric Moss $150.00
Lisa Keith $150.00
Luanne Greene $150.00
Anonymous $150.00
patricia sherman $150.00
Larry Bearden $125.00
alex obriecht $120.00
Barbara Beck $120.00
Anonymous $120.00
Charlene Roise $114.00
Diana Preiss $114.00
Mark Yearick $114.00
Anne Newton $100.00
Becky Kelly and Doug Liljegren $100.00
Bill Skelsey $100.00
Charley Greenland $100.00
Ed Myers $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Martha Droge $100.00
Scot Latimer $100.00
Tamara Bensky $100.00
Anne Harney $76.00
Dana Dixon $75.00
Anonymous $75.00
Jonathan Eaton $60.00
Aaron and Mia Teeter $50.00
Bruce Cohen $50.00
Bynum Walter $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
David Lambdin $50.00
George Alexiou $50.00
Glenn Neighbors $50.00
Jessica Leonard $50.00
Jonathan Ceci $50.00
JP Weesner $50.00
Judith Kneen $50.00
Karla Aghajanian $50.00
Marcia Hart $50.00
Marta Mills $50.00
Melissa Lynch $50.00
Mike Barber $50.00
Murali Ramaswami $50.00
Peter Baker $50.00
Richard and Joanne Lang $50.00
RickandJulie Kiegel $50.00
Sally Chinnis $50.00
Samir Srouji $50.00
Scott Vieth $50.00
thomas lease $50.00
Adam Ravestein $40.00
Ann Natale $40.00
Carolyn Krall $40.00
Dana Perzynski Johnson $40.00
Jack Hulme $40.00
Jessica Daniele $40.00
Lindsay Story $40.00
Nakia Neves $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Terry Clements $40.00
Tim Burkett $40.00
Anonymous $38.00
Andrew Bernish $38.00
Anonymous $38.00
Hans Graf $38.00
Ken Gignac $38.00
Meghann Boosinger $38.00
Robert Claiborne $38.00
Ted Brown $38.00
Allison Wilson $25.00
Dru Peters $25.00
Martha Hayner $25.00
Amber Wendland $20.00
Brian Kopp $20.00
Colin King $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Julieta Dorame $20.00
Laurie Barnaby $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Nicole Tolbert $20.00
Samantha Polinik $20.00
W Kenton $20.00
Kyle King $15.00

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