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About Becca Katz

Favorite Aspect:  Traveling, living, being outside all the time, being able to really live in the present and use my body and connect to the environment around me, not having to be responsible for anything other than feeding myself, new and beautiful sights and scenery all the time.

Most Challenging Aspect:  Unbearable heat, rain, hail, wind, cold. Just fighting the elements was so difficult and incredibly mentally draining. Very rewarding though. 

Advice:  Keep your eyes and ears open all the time, you are about to embark on an incredibly unique and intense journey.  You may want to bring a journal or start a blog - some way to download and process.  Don't forget a camera.  Talk to lots of people who have done this before you go, expect anything, and try to pack as light as possible (face it, you are likely not to shower often and you are going to wear the same teeshirt all summer long).