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About Paul Boundy

Born and raised in the wonderful village of Taddiport, Devon, where I have been the village idiot for the past 24 years. I currently work as an Architectural Technician and spare time generally consists of playing football (soccer), golf or relaxing with a 'couple' beers with my wonderful friends. 

In the summer of 2015 me and Shaun shall be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, cycling 3785 miles across the US in aid of MS. Starting in Yorktown VA and finishing in San Francisco CA, dipping our wheels in the Pacific ocean. This is something me and Shaun have been thinking about doing for the past couple of years and after various web searches of how, where and when etc, we stumbed upon this great opportunity and it was a no brainer!

My fundraising goal is $3785, $1 for every mile cycled, to us Brits it works out about £2300 sterling! The amount seems pretty daunting at the moment, but i'm sure with the fundraising ideas me and Shaun have come with, we can hopefully surpass our targets with ease. BiketheUsforMS have fantastic links with the Bristish MS society, meaning money raised shall be helping both parties here and across the pond!

With your help, one day a cure can be found. 

I feel so priviledged to be given this opportunity. Thanks for your support. 


Please remember if donating in the UK the amount will be in dollars....£20 roughly equals $32.5 

Paul Boundy's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $191723

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $5089
Race Night $1465.00
Qpr Strongmen $500.00
Parkham Quiz $400.00
Brian Carden $150.00
Anonymous $185.00
Nicole Carey $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Paddy Ions $145.00
Anonymous $90.00
Various Donations $139.00
Anonymous $85.00
Jamie Bright $75.00
Anonymous $75.00
Anonymous $75.00
Dave Seccombe $93.00
Clark Kirsty Graicie Bonfield $77.00
Ian cockwill $50.00
Jack Gilbert $50.00
Maxine Jackson $50.00
Pete McMillan $50.00
Richard Middleton $50.00
Bill Lou Laura Carden $62.00
Lee Cockwill $62.00
Melanie Stephen Lewis Lewis $40.00
Michael Sussex $62.00
Anonymous $40.00
Holly Hampton $35.00
Ian Jones $35.00
ColinandPeggy andFamily $32.00
Adam Williams $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Martin Boundy $39.00
Paul Bright $25.00
Tom Hampton $39.00
Mike Harding $32.00
Bob Barter $31.00
Chris Sanders $20.00
Darrel Gill $31.00
Dave and Sandra Boundy $31.00
George Lee $31.00
Lorraine Hooper $31.00
Nicola Beakhouse $20.00
Paul Boundy $31.00
Anonymous $20.00
Rachel Bailey $31.00
Robert Cocker $31.00
Joel Esson $23.00
Angela Drewer $15.00
Brian Cobbledick $16.00
Colin Eve Beer $15.00
Francesca Taffs $15.00
Julie Josh Rachel Howell $15.00
Kathy Gale $10.00
Keith Beer $15.00
Louisa Day $15.00
Natalie Sillifant $15.00
Rob Greenslade $10.00
Robert Beger $10.00
Sean Letheren $15.00
Victoria kimber $10.00
Jeanette Will Jay $8.00
Anonymous $5.00
Calos Diogo $1.00
Calos Diogo $1.00

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