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About Shaun Copp

Im a 25 year old Innovation Engineer, born and raised in a little old town called Great Torrington, down in sunny Devon, England. A very keen footballer, or soccer player to our American counterparts! When it comes to road cycling, my experience goes as far as the shop and back, however ive done a bit of mountain biking in my time which is basically the same, right?

The Task 

Basically, me and my freind Paul have spent many a time dicussing the dream of cycling coast to coast over in the US...usually over a beer or two, and nothing ever came of it. However when we stumbled upon the work the BikeTheUSforMS team do we knew it was an oppurtunity we had to jump at, and here we are! After booking ourselves a couple flights and saving up some dollar for food, we will be cycling 3785 miles from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA averaging 70 miles a day, as well as supporting projects and schemes along the route!

Why I'm Riding

Now down to the reason why i personally felt this was the right oppurtunity for me to jump at, MS is a disease that has immediately effected my own family, my gorgeous cousin Claire suffered from the illness and sadly lost her battle with the disease aged 36, last february. I'm very proud and lucky to be part of such a strong family unit, and since that time, i have wanted to to something to not only honour Claire but to raise money to support the MS society in there fight against the illness, one day a cure will be found and the pain suffered by countless people and there families across the globe, will be no more! The BikeTheUSforMS team have fantastic links with the British MS society, meaning the money raised by myself and Paul can also go to help the battle both here and over the shore in the US through the projects we will be supporting. Then of course there is the pleasure of cycling the journey with some amazing people, as well as meeting some truly inspirational people along the way, I just hope the American riders dont mind a couple of Englishman tagging along!

Over To You:

I have a target in mind of $3785 or £2600, both me and Paul have a number of fund raising ideas that will be put in place, and really within the timeframe we are hoping to both smash these targets! Any donation, big or small, or even just spreading the word would be fully appreciated by not only myself but the people I am doing this for! Please feel free to contact me for any further information or details!

Please follow the link below to check out our blog and see how everything is going -

Thanks for taking the time to view my page!

Shaun Copp's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $191723

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $4527
Race Night $1465.00
The Bell inn Pub Quiz $400.00
Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $162.00
Parker Colleagues $162.00
Great Torrington Junior School Staff $147.00
Emily Copp $80.00
Jamie Bright $75.00
Geraldine CREATURO $77.00
Ian Cockwill $50.00
Jack Gilbert $50.00
James Starkey $77.00
Pete McMillan $50.00
Richard Middleton $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Torrington Admirals Golf Day $77.00
The Wrights $62.00
Holly Hampton $35.00
Declan Tattersal $32.00
Adam Williams $30.00
Andrea Sussex $30.00
Cody marchant $30.00
Kyle Paine $30.00
susan copp $46.00
Tony D'alberti $30.00
Martin Boundy $39.00
Paul Bright $25.00
Tom Hampton $39.00
Trevor Marshall $25.00
Zena Brenchley $39.00
Biffo Copp $31.00
Brittany Ashe $20.00
Charles Andrews $31.00
Chris and Shirley Copp $31.00
Dave and Sandra Boundy $31.00
dean webber $31.00
George Folland $31.00
John and Mary Haywood $31.00
Laura-Alice Hill $31.00
Lee Francis $20.00
Nic Copp $31.00
Norma Dymond $31.00
Quyen Tran $31.00
Anonymous $31.00
Scott Hill $31.00
Anonymous $31.00
Shaun Copp $31.00
Steve Holland $20.00
Tom Plows $20.00
Josh Phillips $15.00
Ryan turner $23.00
Sukhraj Dhensa $15.00
Aaron harper-penman $15.00
Clara Moyano $15.00
Jack Jenkins $15.00
James Mayne $15.00
Jane Huxtable $15.00
Jay Smith $15.00
karl Baggaley $15.00
Lorna Childs $15.00
martin crocker $15.00
Rachel Phillips $10.00
Rob Greenslade $10.00
Robert Beger $10.00
RYAN Draper $15.00
Sarah Kidd $15.00
Sean Letheren $15.00
Stuart Morgan $15.00
Victoria kimber $10.00
asdasd dasd $5.00
dasd asda $5.00
Dave Pearse $8.00
Justyn swinney $8.00
kieran jewell $8.00
Lucas wintercrane $5.00
Prince Jed Harper-penman $8.00
asdas asdasd $2.00

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