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About Leanna Pugliese

Favorite aspect: There are many :] --being outside and truly living through the elements, using all my senses to experience the moment(s), the pace in which we saw this portion of our gorgeous and varied country. i loved getting to know the capacity of my body - how hard i could push, noticing the energy i was able to draw from whatever meal/snack i just consumed -- its all there if we just listen!!

Most challenging aspect:  The bloody wind!!  Really i felt it was the elements that were most challenging (for me, it was the wind).

Advice:  Be open, be prepared, and love to eat :]  You will be tossed in with a group of people that will become very dear to you, be open to new experiences, new views, and differences of opinion.  Be prepared by knowing your bike, by bringing good and versatile gear (you dont need to pack a lot, just smart), by bringing snacks ALWAYS, and by knowing your camping gear.  Love to eat, well...thats bc i do and i had a lot of fun eating my way across the country!!