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About Pete Morrow

Well, Dan asked me if I wanted to co-route lead the first ever BTUSFMS supported mountain bike trip from Canada to Mexico with him....that seemed like a good question with only one good answer. 

So here's my connection to this trip...ready? Summer of 2013, fresh off an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, I simultaniously decided to A.) become a bicycle mechanic/Blacksburg, VA townie, B. start a bicycle coop, and C. 'intern'/ route mechanic for the BTUSFMS summer Trans American bike trip. As it turns out Don Fraser (my now close friend and guy who started BTUSFMS with some of his friends) not only lives next door...but his mother has MS. Small world...I know.

While the Trans American route was all that it could ever be, I mean we played games, camped out under the stars, swam in rivers, stopped at breweries, etc...but, honestly I am a mountain biker at heart and am so excited to help facilitate the best summer of mountain biking possible for all of the BTUSFMS 2015 Continental Divide Cyclists! 

This organization has done amazing things for others who need the suppport, likewise the people associated with this organization have positively influenced my life significantly. 

Let's go ride bikes for 2 months in the Rockies while supporting those who have been effected by MS!

Pete Morrow's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000



Scott and Lorna Wallick $300.00
Hannah Levinger $100.00
Tom and Helen Morrow $100.00
RIch Allevi $75.00
Anonymous $50.00
Gabriella Dancourt $40.00
Mike Meholic $35.00
tracy smith $35.00
Robert Morris $30.00
Anonymous $20.00
markirene palasek $20.00
Christine Foote $10.00
Duncan Moore $5.00