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About Geoff Rosenberg

Favorite aspect:  Getting to see beautiful parts of the country that I never even knew existed!  Eating lots of tasty (and frequently free!) food without feeling guilty.  Sleeping VERY soundly at the end of the day.  Taking some time to realize how important it is to not get too tied up in the stress of life off the bike - there are more important things in life out there.  On that note, it's great knowing I've helped to do something good for the world. 

Most challenging aspect:  Sunburns!  Riding in hail was rough, but it only happened once on the whole trip.  The Rockies can get cold, even during the summer... keep this in mind!  Getting separated and not knowing which way to go can be rough - keep a map or queue sheet handy!

Advice:  My biggest piece of advice would be not to pack too much in the way of clothing.  I like to be a fairly clean person, but you only have a limited amount of space to bring gear.  I brought several t-shirts and pairs of shorts, in addition to my riding gear, and it wasn't necessary - but bring lots of underwear!  Also, keep a camera handy!