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This past summer, my wife, Fay, and I took part in a week-long cycling fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis called “The Ride Across Minnesota” also known as TRAM.  We were accompanied by another couple from our bike club in Sacramento whom had a personal interest in this ride as the wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago.  Luckily, her MS has not progressed to the point where she has been prevented from cycling as she rode all five days of the TRAM!!

But for thousands of other MS sufferers, they are not so fortunate.  They are not able to enjoy the pleasures of being able to see different parts of our country from a cyclist’s (much-slower-than-freeway-speeds) perspective.

So, when Fay and I decided to look for a bigger and better cycling adventure before I retire, we discovered the “Bike The US For MS” event, which seemed like the perfect fit.  It would give us the opportunity to help raise awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis in the hopes of find a cure through research, helping with treatments and providing support services for those dealing with this debilitating disease.  We will embark on our next big biking adventure for our friend and all the others living with MS.

For more information about what is MS, go to the following link:

Bike the US for MS : What is MS?

I have a lofty fundraising goal of $5000 and I hope that you can help me achieve it.  Any donation amount you can give is greatly appreciated!!  Donations to either Fay’s or my fundraising, or both, can be made by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top right part of our respective rider profile pages, OR, you can write a check payable to "Bike The US For MS" and mail to:

Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24062

Please put my name, Rob DuBois, (or our names) in the memo area of your check.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story!!  Let’s help find a cure for MS!!!

Rob DuBois' Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $5195
Applied Computer Solutions, Inc $1500.00
Dorothy DuBois $500.00
Jim Parks $200.00
Carol Wolfe $100.00
Daniel Delac $100.00
David Zavislan $100.00
Esteban Nava $100.00
Gary Walmer $100.00
Jane Simonetti $100.00
Jaspal Singh $100.00
Jeff Stiles $100.00
Jim Tracy $100.00
John Messner $100.00
Josh Kretchman $100.00
KALA Vo $100.00
Mark and Jana Swenson $100.00
MaryAnne Espinosa $100.00
Tina M Eichele $100.00
Trevor Hacker $100.00
Al Granberg $75.00
Brian Ray $65.00
Don Nguyen $65.00
Ann Cony $50.00
Cheri Davis $50.00
David Ferguson $50.00
Gil Moreno $50.00
Jacobe Caditz $50.00
Joe Castelli $50.00
Kai Mickey $50.00
Kellie Dempsey $50.00
Laurie Dow DDS $50.00
Sacremento Municipal Utility District $50.00
Sue Bondi $50.00
Terry McCurdy $50.00
Elizabeth Rolli $40.00
Paul Kornowski $35.00
Janny Yan $30.00
Anson Battershell $25.00
Brian Gorrell $25.00
Camillo Perrotta $25.00
Dave Straka $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Dudley McFadden $25.00
Emily Gilstrap $25.00
Frank Woods $25.00
Gilbert and Kathryn Hara Trustee's $25.00
Jason Powers $25.00
Keith Cosick $25.00
Keng Wah Wong $25.00
Kristy Henry $25.00
Laura Fisher $25.00
Min Guo $25.00
Philip Roina $25.00
Sandra Curry $25.00
Jennie Shaw $20.00
William Carroll $20.00
Brianna O'Neill $10.00
Martha Helak $10.00