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About Bret Taylor

Favorite Aspect:  I don't think there's enough room to fit it all on this page.  It's not exactly an experience that can be fully realized through words; even pictures do little justice to appreciate the experience.  Waking up in a new location everyday, stopping along the way as needed to soak in the beauty that surrounds you, riding with the group, riding with your friend, or riding by yourself, 10 states, through most of the ecosystems available in the U.S., Mountain tops, greeting riders going the other direction, all the different accents and types of people you get to meet, hearing the stories of all those we meet especially those with personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis, town public pools on the really hot days, triple cheeseburgers, Milkshakes, sharing all the laughs with your friends, the downhills... wait... the downmountains! Freedom, my gosh the freedom.... just to name a few.

Most Challenging Aspect:  Hayter's Gap... but I'll crush it this time. Knowing when to refuel while riding during the first couple of weeks.  Headwinds, the heat, roads with no shoulders, dogs in Kentucky, the heat, ohhh and some other stuff. But it doesn't matter, really. You don't think you're in shape? You cant raise the money? It's too big a commitment?... Really? 

Advice:  You can do it! Who the heck am I? I'm just some college kid who got inspired and said why not.  You can do it!  I barely had any money either.  I bought my '94 Trek 520 from a sweet old lady from Miama, FL for a great price.  I had a $50 tent, and it's summer so it didn't matter how terrible my sleeping bag was.  I could eat all kinds of goodies and had killer triple decker pb & j's with m&m's, bird seed, raisins, etc. for lunch.  If you're really interested by all means get in touch with us, we'd love to talk to you about fundraising ideas. I had no idea what I was doing last time, but I'll definitely talk to you about what I'm going to do to fundraise this time.  Get ready, get your buddy, sign up and prepare for an adventure you'll never forget.  I'll buy milkshakes after Hayter's Gap for any new riders who read this!! 

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