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About Chris Walker

Favorite Aspect:  The random generosity of total strangers and getting thumbs up from passing motorists (absolutely nothing better).  Long grinding Virginia climbs and riding through impossible Wyoming winds.  Taking dips in cool and sometimes very cold mountain waters.  Starting in Virginia as a group and ending in Oregon as a team.

Most Challenging Aspect:  Having empty water bottles with no end in sight.  Having to stop in Oregon - did we really have to stop?  Figuring out what to do at the end - seriously, we're not biking anymore?

Advice:  Safety, safety, safety.  Ride predictably, use hand signals, and get a helmet mirror today.  Never pass up an opportunity to fill your water bottles.  Pack light, and then take out half of your stuff.  The more prepared you are, the more independent you will be and the more fun you will have.  Keep Bike the US for MS literature on your person at all times.