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About Donald Fraser

Favorite Aspect:  Meeting new people & seeing the country in a unique way.  The sense of accomplishment you feel after biking thousands of miles & contributing to an important cause.  Getting in great shape.  Stopping in a different town each night and experiencing different cultures.  The look on people's face when you tell them where you biked from.  The hospitality & generosity of people across the country.

Most Challenging Aspect:  Headwinds.  Hayters Gap mountain in Virginia.  Dogs in eastern Kentucky.  Accepting the fact that some establishments do not offer free refills.  

Advice:  Preparation will make the ride more fun.  Bring everything you need but only things you need.  Helmet mirrors look funny but could save your life.  Read online journals and contact alumni - they'd be happy to talk about the experience and it will help you prepare.  Always carry snacks and eat as much as possible!  Enjoy the ride - it will be over before you know it!

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