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About Jack Binns

Currently living in Goole East yorkshire UK and I am probably trying to bite off more than I can chew with this.

Come August 2015 I will be attempting to bike the complete Sierra Cascades route. Starting pencil legged in Suma, WA on the Canadian border and finishing in Tecate, Ca on the Mexican border, struggling through all 2396.1 miles. 

I am an absolute beginner  but I am hoping to finish this in aproxtwo and half months worth of cycling.


I am also a complete back garden camper.

With this in mind, I thought that it would be great motivation to sign up with bike the U.S. for MS to support a great cause and compensate for the opportunity to travel across America for three months.


You can follow my progress in pictures at:



I have set myself the goal of raising 0.50cents per mile for Multiple Sclerosis. Equating to a total of $1200.00

Each £10.00 donation made will amount to approximately $15.00

Bike the U.S for MS has strong ties with the British MS society so all funds raised will aid both countries fight against this debilitating disease.

Any donations would be greatly received!


Jack Binns' Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $1381
Diane Binns $300.00
Leeds Leeds $100.00
Matthew Binns $100.00
MikeChris Gonda $75.00
Tom Beattie $51.00
Daniel Gonda $50.00
Stuart Rosner $50.00
Emily Belshoff $40.00
Andy Coverstone $30.00
Kirsty Lockwood $46.00
Lucy Foster $46.00
Anonymous $30.00
Brittany Rogers $25.00
Chris Ashton $39.00
Ian Moore $39.00
Jason Whetzal $25.00
Steven Seithel $25.00
Leanne Quaedvlieg $31.00
Norman Gazi $31.00
Norman Gazi $31.00
Richard Binns $31.00
Allison Stoneley $15.00
Tom Clark $23.00
Dane Mortimer $15.00
Lee thompson $15.00
Mark Sellars $15.00
Megan Williams $15.00
michaella west $15.00
Moriah Facktor $10.00
Rebecca Eland $15.00
Ryan Mitchell $15.00
Heather Dowell $8.00
Joanne Dodsworth $8.00
Laura Fletcher $8.00
Ollie Varey $8.00