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About Brittany Ashe

I'm back for some more BTUSFMS action...but this time, North to South and on a mountain bike!  As some of you know, I completed the TransAm trip in 2011 as a cyclist and then Northern Tier in 2013 as a route leader.

A little insight on what this organization has done for me over the past 4 years:

*Revealed my strengths and weaknesses, which has evolved me into becoming a stronger and better cyclist and person. Here are a few real shower for a few days isn't going to kill you, tenting/hammocking is THE LIFE, eat a big breakfast (bonking isn't fun), wear sunscreen, make up songs while riding on long Kansas roads, Febreeze your cubby (and others), drink a beer when you get to camp (you won't regret it), and enjoy every minute of the trip cause you will have these awesome memories FOREVER.

*Introduced me to complete strangers, who over 2 months, became family.  It's almost impossible to explain the bond you are fortunate to share with others just as crazy and rad as have to experience it.

*Educated me about Multiple Sclerosis; this dibilitating disease has no cure, but it does have some talented doctors moving forward in research, amazing workers in treatment centers to help patients, and those patients are some of the most kind, strong, upbeat, and positive people I've ever met in my life.  They are who we fundraise for, they are who we ride for.  


Now here's where I ask you to donate to the organization that has had such an incredible impact on my life and countless others.  Help us #endMS! 

Brittany Ashe's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $510
Taylor Ashe $100.00
Ben Dymond $75.00
Bridget McCartney $50.00
laura johnson $50.00
Shannon Jones $50.00
Trisha Rosen $50.00
Danielle ciotti $30.00
Dayne Mauney $30.00
Robert Morris $30.00
Cheyanne Davis $25.00
Annette Capaldi $20.00