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About Mason Cavell

Favorite Aspect:  Seeing a new part of the country everyday but taking the time to soak it up on backroads instead of interstates - any given day feels like the best of the whole trip at the time.  Getting into a town after a long day and taking down a few cold glasses of water and and a huge milkshake is also very good. 

Most Challenging Aspect:  Headwinds aren't the best, and the part of a long climb just before you see the pass is brutal.

Advice:  Start planning well in advance, do your research, and bring the right gear and not much else- you'll be amazed at how much stuff you think you might need never gets used.  Remember that you aren't going to the moon and there are plenty of chances to acquire anything you need.  Take time to stop and look around at anything you feel like looking at- no need to get anywhere fast so take it all in.  Also keep everything in perspective (at least you're not at work) and try to maintain a good attitude when things theoretically suck - it will make them not suck nearly as bad so you're better off.  Engage locals about MS and the trip and you will definitely get the most out of it.  Toxic vegetation + daily chamois chaffing is a bad combo - be careful where there is poison ivy.  Break in your (Brooks) saddle before June.  And keep a lot of food with you on your bike - its a make or breaker.



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