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About John Johnson

John Johnson has been riding for less than a year but has found it is his new passion in life.  As a retiree, John plans to continue riding as long as this life allows.

Along with numerous preparatory tasks and training, John must raise approximately $3,100.00 before he can embark on the ride of a lifetime across America with Bike The US For MS.  He will be leaving from San Diego, CA, and riding to St. Augustine, FL.  Along the way, the riders and crew will be making stops to help individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to build ramps, do home maintenance, and fulfill other needed tasks.

Donations can be made in any amount and with your name posted on his donation roster or anonymously.


Help those with MS by helping John fulfill his dream!

John Johnson's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $3225
John Johnson $600.00
John Johnson $405.00
Paul Johnson $160.00
Toyota ofCincinnati $150.00
Bill Fischer $100.00
Brent Owens $100.00
David and Kim Smith $100.00
Faith Laird $100.00
Maurice and Laura Leap $100.00
Randall Miller $100.00
Roger Williams $100.00
Tom Oliger $100.00
Vergie Sharp $100.00
Wayne and Cindy Willson $100.00
Jack and Pat Pope $75.00
norman gulley $75.00
Ed and Denise Foxworthy $60.00
Brock D Clark $50.00
Dave and Anetta Lawver $50.00
Debra and Ralph Slone $50.00
Don and Molly Robbins $50.00
Dr Mark Medlin $50.00
Jessica White $50.00
Kim Summers $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Wray Kappes $50.00
Bill and Bonnie Denny $30.00
Janell Afrika $25.00
Judith Linthicum $25.00
Pamela Mitchell $25.00
Terry Ogdan $25.00
Carol Mateer $20.00
Donna Kuhlmann $20.00
Karen Haire $20.00
Tonya Johnson $20.00
Jim and Susan Stewart $15.00
Cait Laird $10.00
Joe and Debbie Harker $10.00
G Newer $5.00