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Rutgers University 2007 and Rowan University 2009
Her name is Amber (Trek 520)
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About Yong Lee

Life will give you infinite amount of opportunities. It’s up to you whether you take those opportunities and act on them or not. You may never know when the actions you take can make a difference in a person’s life or even the world. Over the past several years that I have immersed myself in the world of touring on a bicycle, I have come across countless examples of people seizing the opportunities to help a complete stranger, me. Whether it’s the group of kids cheering me on as I climb my first mountain pass of my life on the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire the day after I destroyed my should, the former ecological professor who paid for my breakfast in the Adirondacks of NY, the whole town of Orion, IL who offered so many accommodations to my team, the lady who offered to give me a ride into town when I was on the side of the road fixing a flat tire, the man who pulled over on the highway to give me a bottle of water on a hot day in Montana, the man who waited for me on Maui to help me hitch a ride into town because I was dying of heat exhaustion, the coast guard couple who picked me up and drove me into town while offering me their lunch and beer, the group of 5th graders who were on a field trip and got their teacher to stop on the side of the road to get out and cheer me on at 3 times as I was cycling through a thunderstorm in Kauai, --- their decision to act on their opportunity to help a stranger gave me the strength and the courage to accomplish the goal of touring around the US on bicycle. These are the acts of kindness that gives me the courage to seize this opportunity for the last time to ride strong and help those who live courageously with MS.


This tour will be my last extended tour for some time. Before I put my beloved companion (Amber – my bike) away, I figured I would make this trip a special one. I’ve had my eyes on the sierra cascades for some time and will finally embark on this dream of mine. I will start in San Diego, connect with the sierra cascades route in Tecate, CA, and traverse over 30 mountain passes of the sierra and cascade mountains (including various side trips) to Seattle, WA. From there, I will connect with the Pacific Coast route where I circle the Olympic peninsula and ride pacific coast highway to Newport, OR. From there, I will find my way to Portland to end the trip for a total of approximately 3600 miles.  I am planning on embarking this finale trip in June of 2015 with the hopes that I can raise awareness and gain support in the fight against MS. 


With that said, I am presenting you with the opportunity to take action to help a complete stranger. Like my past trips, I am raising $1 for every mile I ride. I set the goal for $3600 but there is no limit to how much you can help a fellow person in need. This is your opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and give that great sense of appreciation and gratitude one feels when another fellow human is willing to help a complete stranger with no ulterior motives. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, will be much appreciated by those you will be helping. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in the fight against MS. I would be honored if y’all can join me in this fight against MS. I hope y’all have a glorious day and take care! See you on the road!

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Yong Lee's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $1237
Albert Lee $200.00
Harry Friedman $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Robert Morris $100.00
Claire Verrico $75.00
Lisa Thomp $75.00
Anonymous $60.00
Ann Marie $50.00
Cheryl A McGoldrick $50.00
Cynthia Shum $50.00
Judy Yi $50.00
Kayla Metzger $50.00
Vittoria Maria $50.00
cre vandenberghe $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Edward Bredin $30.00
Christina Rickard $20.00
JANE PARK $20.00
Lori Lafferty $20.00
William Gilmont $20.00
Alex Ball $10.00
Geordie Dye $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Duncan Moore $7.00