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Virginia Commonwealth University
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About Cole Gandee

Hello family, friends, enemies, chimney sweeps, and thespians the world over...

I am student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I know what you're thinking... "Cole, I have never even heard of VCU. Its no Harvard, Yale, Stanford." And youd be right. 

Besides being a student, I am a rock climber, a lover of fancy cheese, and most animal creatures. My demeanor has been likened to Wassily Kandinsky's 'Landscape With Two Poplars.' Ill let that one speak for itself. The lengths to which I will go to make someone laugh or smile, are miraculous. When people are reading this to their great grandchildren, and those children are reading it to their dentists, I want them to know how great a person Cole was, and how he changed the game of basketall forever. 

What I am trying to say is this, MS is a terrible affliction with no cure. I want to ride across the country helping those in need, and making their lives a little easier. I hope to help all the poeple i encounter along my ride. I did not know anybody who was diagnosed with MS beofore I signed up for the trip. After talking to people about the work that I will be doing, I discovered that I have many close friends whose relatives suffer from the disease. All of them need our help and support. Riding cross country is something that many people dream about doing, and I want to ride for all the people that cannot.

What are you saving it for?



Donations can be made on this page, or mailed to:

Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24062
(Checks written out to Bike the US for MS, and put Cole Gandee in the memo line).

All donations are tax deductible. Bike the US for MS is a 501c3 tax exempt organization; tax ID #27-2192426.

Thank you for your time and support! 

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