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About Roland York

Hi everyone, especially fellow riders!  Guess this must be a burst of madness after many years of leisurely touring to take on an average of 70 miles a day – over a1000 miles in two weeks.  Fellow riders, I’m only doing it to make you feel good as I will take up the rear of the peloton.  Like most, this is one of my dreams and, at 62, I thought it would be good to add another “Yes, I did it” moment to my CV.  To be able to raise money for MS at the same time makes the pain more acceptable.


At the moment I am teaching at St. Thomas More School in Buxton and they have been kind enough to give me unpaid leave for the last week of term.  Although I have lived in Buxton for 27 years and consider it home, I am originally from South Shields in the N.E.  I have two grown up daughters, Alison and Jo (pains in the backside but I love them to bits), who will no doubt cheer me on and smile as I go through the pain barrier.


Now for the begging bowl!  Seriously, if you can help me to help MS you will make a lot of people enjoy a better way of life.  So, friends, relatives, colleagues and all forms of life please get that dosh out and donate online.  Pupils, old and new, think of the pain old Yorkie is going through and donate to a good cause.  If you would rather send a cheque, please address it to


Roland York(MS)

St. Thomas More School,


SK17 7AB


A big THANK YOU to everyone.



Roland York's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $5062
Cash Donations Thanks $848.00
Pupils St Thomas More School $689.00
St Thomas More Staff $239.00
Paul Walker Mark Aldous $150.00
plus even more cash $193.00
Even More Dosh $177.00
More Cash Thanks $170.00
Even More Cash $162.00
Buxton Rotary Club $154.00
David Winston $100.00
MacNamara family $154.00
jacques le port $75.00
Still coming in $103.00
Beth Quantick $77.00
David Barnes $77.00
Jackie buck $50.00
Sue Hardman $77.00
James Gould $45.00
Cash keeps on coming $62.00
paul deaville $40.00
Joanne Martin $54.00
Moira Bates $54.00
Even More Dosh Thanks $46.00
Isobel Wharton $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Andy Danielle Banks $25.00
Sue Thornhill $39.00
Jack McGarey $21.00
Bethan Davies $20.00
Chris Batchelor $31.00
Colin Greenland $31.00
Dean Hodgkinson $20.00
Eve Aubry $31.00
Gary and Linda Finlay $31.00
Graeme Kitchen $31.00
Jamie king $20.00
Jamie Thatcher $31.00
Jeannie Monaghan $31.00
Lesley Yeeles $20.00
lia and julia roos $20.00
lia and julia roos $20.00
martin turner $31.00
NiallAnneJennyAndFamily O'meara $20.00
Pasquale melchionno $31.00
Patrick Healy $31.00
Ricky O'Brien $31.00
Alice MacGillivray $15.00
Alison Trick $15.00
andrew totton $15.00
Andy Gibbs $15.00
C PANCARO Pancaro $15.00
Damian Brookes $15.00
Gillian Kent $23.00
Jo Webb $15.00
Kathryn Brindley $15.00
Keeps on coming $23.00
Kerry Taylor $15.00
Margaret Newman $15.00
Margaret Newman $15.00
Patrick O'Connor $15.00
Steven totton $15.00
Ann Woollacott $15.00
brian york $10.00
Chelsie Allan $15.00
GrahamandJulie Aldous $10.00
Holly Brocklesby $10.00
John O'Meara $15.00
Josie Muncaster $10.00
Justine Humphries $10.00
Karen and Sean King $10.00
Lesley Welling $15.00
liz Taylor $10.00
lorraine Maddocks $10.00
Lorraine Tolley $10.00
Lou and Liv Fletcher $15.00
Louise peyton $10.00
Louise peyton $10.00
Lucy Boardman $15.00
Marie Kearney $10.00
Michael Broomhead $10.00
Patricia Bothamley $15.00
Sarah Ellis $15.00
Tanika Bartlett $10.00
Tim Martin $15.00
Wayne Gormanly $10.00
Suzanne Owens $14.00
Amy Wray $5.00
Ben Dinardo $5.00
Gaz Corbett $8.00
Georgia Guthrie $5.00
ian wood $5.00
Anonymous $8.00
Joe Draper $5.00
Jon Dong $8.00
Josie Champion $5.00
Kelly Harper $5.00
Lorraine Tolley $5.00
Michael Isle $8.00
Michelle Dunscombe $5.00
Nina Grange $8.00
Liam Bradshaw $5.00