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Bowdoin College 2005
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About Lucas Johnston

Up until about six years ago, I really didn't know much about bikes except how to ride them and fill the tires with air. In my mid-twenties, I moved back to my home, Nantucket Island, with a new mountain bike in tow and the idea that I'd explore the amazing conservation area on-island known as the Moors. After only a couple of rides, I couldn't get enough!

I did, however, get plenty of flats (pesky prickers!) and experienced lots of mechanical issues due to wear and tear. I grew up with some of the guys manning the repair department at Young's Bicycle Shop; and after a few repeat visits there, they took me under their wing. They began by teaching me how to change my own flats, and then a whole lot more. Meanwhile, I went for my first night ride with them, and after hours of tortuous single track and getting 'lost', I became part of the crew.. The bike shop closes during the dead of winter, and my new biking buddies invited me to go with them out to Arizona and spend a few weeks riding in and around Tucson. I accepted, and before we left, I applied for, and was offered a job as a mechanic on their staff for the following season.

That first winter, and the proceeding year, riding and learning bicycle mechanics, challenged and inspired me. Since then, I have attended United Bicycle Institute's various repair and suspension courses as well as getting the chance to fillet braze my own frame. I've also had the rare opportunity to road and mountain bike extensively throughout the West and Southwest during the winters I've had off from the shop.

Though I got promoted to assistant service manager after my first two seasons, I recently started to feel stagnant in my position, along with an undeniable  need to see 'what's next.' After so many years of customer service on a resort island like Nantucket, I realized I longed to do something 'for the common good,' as my alma mater, Bowdoin College, so aptly phrases it. This desire, combined with a yearning to bike across the country, has led me to Bike the U.S. for M.S.

I'm thrilled at the prospect of being able to combine my experience as a bike mechanic and my passion for riding with a goal of helping those afflicted with M.S. Six years have passed since I first fell in love with bikes, and in many ways, I realize now, I've been working, and pedaling, to this point without even knowing it. I'm both ready and excited for the chance to play a role in making a project as ambitious and as important as this a reality!

Lucas Johnston's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $200000

TEAM RAISED: $147558


Donald and Constance Johnston $700.00
Jeff and Melinda Johnston $250.00
Sue Kim $200.00
Corning Incorporated Foundation $150.00
Matthew Johnston $150.00
Michael Souza $150.00
Pat Rossin $100.00
Anonymous $10.00