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About Geordie Dye

Hey there folks, the name's Geordie Dye and I'm currently attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale / riding my bikes. In summer 2009, over a period of ten weeks, my buddy Joe and I bicycled the TransAmerica Route, from Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR. I've been adventure cycling for a couple of years now and can't imagine life without a bicycle. I'm currently a senior at Southern Illinois and I've been studying business management to pass the time between bicycling and rock climbing. Graduation is in the not too far future and with that comes the dreaded "job" (if I'm so lucky in this economy). I've decided to join the MS crew this summer to help in the fight for a cure. There's no doubt the hills will be just as hard and the heat just as intense this time around as last, but knowing that I'm riding for the betterment of others and not just a personal level for myself, I couldn't be more psyched for those monster climbs and that scorching, back-blistering sun (bring it on). The Carbondale MS bicycling group is only growing bigger and stronger every day and I can't wait to see a couple old faces and a lot of new ones this summer out on the road, RIDE ON!

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Geordie Dye's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $4496
Michael Carusillo $500.00
SIU Raffle $400.00
Andree McArthur $250.00
Cathy Sokolis $200.00
Patrick Cary $110.00
Connie Salomon $100.00
Curt & Kelly Salomon $100.00
Donna Vitalo $100.00
Jean McCarthy $100.00
Joan Gabric $100.00
Joslyn Reyes $100.00
Laura Flaherty Moneysmith $100.00
Linda Kern $100.00
Lori Allen $100.00
Nancy Webster $100.00
Robin Dye $100.00
Tony LaPlante $100.00
Carol Hughes $75.00
Janet Jones $75.00
Wayne Silka $66.00
Andrea Allen $50.00
Anne Guaspari $50.00
Christi Wegner $50.00
Dennis Dye $50.00
Jackie Anderson $50.00
James Click $50.00
Jim Wells $50.00
Joan Cary $50.00
Lori Lewis $50.00
Mark Lawinger $50.00
Mary Jo Witnik $50.00
Michael Dye $50.00
Microsoft - James Wells $50.00
Robin Sloan & Joe Wolff $50.00
Ron & Sharyn Morra $50.00
Sam & Paula Pfeffer $50.00
Steven Heisterkamp $50.00
Tomas Grybinas $50.00
Lynwood Moffett $37.00
David Colon $35.00
Cindy Rippa $30.00
Liz & Mike Wall $30.00
Alice Brown $25.00
Carol Kinder $25.00
Charles Bouchard $25.00
Cynthia Steinbach $25.00
Denae Santillo $25.00
Jan & Mike Moran $25.00
Jennifer Gale $25.00
Kay & Mike Moriarty $25.00
Loren Vicich $25.00
Margaret Fougerousse $25.00
Michael McCallister $25.00
Michael Stevenson $25.00
Phyllis Levine $25.00
Rick & Janet Markov $25.00
Sandy & Jim Pakula $25.00
Sharon & Larry Eckert $25.00
Susan Faust $25.00
Alexa Salomon $20.00
David Feder $20.00
Dr August Mauser $20.00
Gina Zimmerman $20.00
Lisa & Willie Wallace $20.00
Marilyn Hallberg $20.00
Nancy & Jim Egerton $20.00
Lisa Payton $10.00
Mary Corcoran $10.00
Lynwood Moffett $3.00