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About Mason Cavell

My reason for doing this tour is simple- riding from Seattle to San Diego seems like a really good idea, and I've had it with MS.  In fact I have a message for you, MS: your days are numbered.  We will not rest until you're no longer an adversary (doesn't count resting on mountain passes- nice try).  I'm graduating from this cubicle confinement in May and coming after you at a relentless 12 mph.  Just me and 50lbs of stuff I don't really need, and, of course, a fearsome calvalry of fellow cyclists ready to follow me down steep hills in the wrong direction, all in the name of kicking your arse! 

The ride itself will surely be incredible, but the most important thing is the support we provide to the MS community through our fundraising and volunteer projects.  So please keep us in mind when you're looking to give back this year- it doesn't matter if you can donate $5, $500, or even $0- all forms of support are appreciated, even just spreading the word to friends and family.  As always, we will post plenty of pictures, videos, and tweets to offer a vicarious bike tour experience for all!  And for anybody that wants to make a surprise visit during the trip, chocolate milk will get you a long way in a cycle-tourist popularity contest. 

I can't wait to take on this challenge but I know its not mine alone- big thanks to all our supporters who continue to make good things happen for those living with MS.  I also have an additional cause for motivation with the diagnosis of a good friend in 2010- if I could only channel her fighting spirit into my pedals, I'd have no trouble towing my 7 companions down the coast to San Diego!   So, help me support my friend and all our friends with MS, and thanks!

Mason Cavell's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $1510
Marilyn S. Cavell $200.00
victoria walker $200.00
Jack and Kathy Finney $100.00
richard j beckman $100.00
Rob and Peggy Kincaid $100.00
Richard DiSalvo $75.00
Ron & Betsy Cheek $75.00
Bobbie Jean Norris $50.00
Damian Pitt $50.00
John Provo $50.00
Judith A Wunderlich $50.00
Keith L Kohnke $50.00
Linda C. Beal $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Patty and Don Marickovich $50.00
Paula Stretz $50.00
Wesley J Campbell $50.00
James D Douglas $30.00
Elizabeth Cheek $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Rosanne G Jones $20.00
Dustin Akers $5.00
Renee LoSapio $5.00