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About Jeff Zaniker

I have been an active supporter of the MS movement since my diagnosis in 2003.  Over the years I have participated in multiple bike, walk and muck events.

I've been watching Bike the US for MS with great interest for several years and have always wondered how I could complete a cross country ride in days vs. months.

And then it came to me.  RAAM.  We are forming an 8 man RAAM team to ride across country in June 2015.  Stay tuned for details!

Jeff Zaniker's Fundraising

RAAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $56384

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $9228
Netowrk for Good Donations $3628.00
Primal Wear $510.00
Accenture Matching Gift $500.00
Danielle Moffat $300.00
Jeff and Jill Zankier $260.00
Eleanor Zaniker $250.00
Kristin Jo Ruehle $250.00
Laurel Fortin $250.00
Mary Ann Isaac $250.00
Stephen Rudderham $250.00
Julie Osborne $200.00
Julie Reagan Booth $200.00
Kevin and Tammy Rader $150.00
Mary and Tom Gospel $150.00
Jeffrey and Kathryn Hudson $120.00
Carolyn and Jack Stafford $100.00
Greg Maiers $100.00
James Ridenour $100.00
Mervis Family Foundation $100.00
Michael Overdorf and Amy Barrangree $100.00
Scott and Jane Hoover $100.00
Mark and Celia Booher $90.00
Brian Shannon $75.00
Becky and Shawn Dalton $60.00
Boutique 1102 LLC $60.00
Concorde Sales $60.00
Craig and Valerie Vezey $60.00
Jay Kelly and Karen Hindman $60.00
Joy and Jack Stafford $60.00
June McCarty $60.00
Leigh Anne and Scott Weddle $60.00
Marc and Shannon Rueffer $60.00
Renee Michelle Casey $60.00
Steven and Amanda Wood $60.00
Steven and Diane Matthews $60.00
Susan Miller $60.00
Darren and Sheri Vandermolen $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
John Bacon $50.00
Keith Hylton $50.00
Regina and James Dreessen $50.00
William Pipkin $50.00
Leslie Sue Morgan $30.00
bridget whitaker $25.00
Donald Farrell Jr $25.00
Kristen Merritt $25.00
Nichole Taylor $10.00