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About David Wilson

Hello!  I am aiming to bike the length of the UK this summer (1073 miles approximately!) to raise money for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – I set off on 18th July and aim to finish 2nd August! This is a serious challenge but one I am preparing for now with training on the bike. I hope my legs will be in good form by July as I am doing the Dartmoor Classic Sportive Ride only 3 weeks before the start which is 107 miles in one day. However, biking the UK for MS requires me to do about 70 miles per day for two weeks in uncertain conditions (hopefully without midgies in Scotland); a new and greater challenge!

The aim of this trip is to raise awareness for MS which affects around 100,000 people in the UK. The money raised will be well used in supporting national projects that are fighting to improve treatment and care for people with the disease. I have seen first-hand how debilitating the disease can be as I witnessed my Grandfather suffer its affects from his mid-50s until his death 16 years later.

My goal is to raise £1 for every mile ridden during the trip and I would really appreciate your support for what I believe is a great cause. You can donate here and any size donation helps and will keep me focused on pedalling to my goal this summer! Many thanks (-:

David Wilson's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $2186
Mary McWilliams $150.00
Ally Meldrum $166.00
Anne Whateley $77.00
Anonymous $77.00
David and Inga Oddie $77.00
Ian Booker $77.00
Anonymous $77.00
Penny and Mike Wilson $77.00
Susie Jones $77.00
Richard Wilson $62.00
nick robson $54.00
Frankie Fraser $46.00
Paul Burdett $46.00
PeterAndLorna Whateley $46.00
Anonymous $39.00
Anthea Davies $39.00
Brian Dent $39.00
CharlesandAnnette Whateley $39.00
Eco Lifestyle Staff Flapjack Sale $39.00
James Goymour $39.00
jim blake $39.00
Anonymous $39.00
Anonymous $39.00
Anonymous $39.00
Anonymous $39.00
Prue and Mi ke Brandt $39.00
Robin Modgridge $39.00
Felix and family Davies $31.00
Jill Cameron $31.00
Kenneth McWilliams $20.00
Kim Morgan $31.00
Laura Whateley $31.00
Margie and Peter Stevens $31.00
Paul Edginton $31.00
Penny and John Laird $31.00
Simon Westgarth $31.00
Tiernan-Brownies Eco Lifestyle $31.00
Jo Ball $23.00
Robert Taylor $23.00
David MacDiarmid $15.00
Felicity and Tim Ferry $15.00
gemma bowie $15.00
Helen Whateley $15.00
Maggie and dave Field $15.00
Peter and lesley Reay $15.00
Ruth Whateley $15.00
The Baines $15.00
Michelle Brayley $8.00
Muirren Brady $8.00
Anonymous $8.00
Anonymous $8.00