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About Owen Light (Jerry)

What a great way to see America and give back.

Loss of a close cousin, Barbara Simon Mead, from San Antonio Texas, who lived with MS so courageously most of her adult life is the reason I'm riding. Each day will be dedicated to Barbara along with one other individual with MS. If you know anyone with MS & would like a day devoted to them, please email their name & a little about them. They will give me strength & inspire me to climb each hill, fight the wind, & smile at every flat tire. 

I am a retired industrial maintenance guy and look forward to helping others on this ride. 

Thanks to all who help in this important cause.

Owen Light (Jerry)'s Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $4595
Becky Campbell $600.00
Mike Mead $500.00
Dennis Lonergan $415.00
Sally A Kahn $400.00
Fidelity Charitable Drs. Riesch & Soto Foundation $250.00
James Miller $200.00
Michael Bonne $200.00
Ann MacLeod $150.00
Clark and Liz Knuth $150.00
danandsue koenigsberger $100.00
George Welch $100.00
James Ansay $100.00
Jim Ethington $100.00
John Silke $100.00
joseph young $100.00
Kate Wilson $100.00
Linda Ranard $100.00
Mary and Scott Krienke $100.00
MikeandMary Koenigsberger $100.00
Rochelle Jantzen $100.00
Erin MacLeod $75.00
sue dahlberg $75.00
Bruce Budde $50.00
Dave Mindy Odneal $50.00
Ford William $50.00
John and Carolyn Ruekert $50.00
Regan MacLeod $50.00
Shirley Exum $50.00
Stacy Zacher $50.00
Michael and Yvonne Fort $30.00
Bruce Williams $25.00
Dan Burt $25.00
David and Nancy Cotton $25.00
Steve Mettlach $25.00