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About Randall Farren

Riding my bicycle nearly 2000 miles with everything I need to survive for 6 weeks hanging off the sides... Camping under mountains, redwoods, and Pacific coast skies... Living off couscous and Snickers bars...

Sounds a little crazy? Yes. Sounds a lot amazing? Yes. Doing it all to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis? Sign me up.

This charity bike tour is a good deal for me on so many levels:

- It will be this Virginia native's first real taste of the west coast of the US (other than Southern California);

- I get to collect all of the beautiful sights, sounds, smells (good and not so good) and experiences with some of my best friends from the my bike saddle;

- I get an additional 5 weeks of sweet freedom between graduate school and the real world; and

- Finally, and most importantly, I get to do it all for a charity non-profit that is doing really awesome work in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

I am so thankful to those that are supporting me in this endeavor. For all of those that have been affected by MS, we're going to ride our legs ragged to help in the fight against this disease. Please consider donating to this amazing cause whatever you can spare... group generosity adds up fast.

Ride on!


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Randall Farren's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $1732
Desiree D Farren $200.00
Daniel Farren $100.00
Desiree D Farren $100.00
Desiree D Farren $100.00
Dollie Hare $100.00
Jeffrey L Kessel $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
luke h ippoliti $75.00
Cynthia E. Brown $50.00
Dane M Wence $50.00
Desiree D Farren $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
George C. Solley $50.00
Marissa L Mikich $50.00
Terri Moon Cronk $50.00
Tom and Mary Miller $50.00
Betsy Schnibbe $30.00
Joe Lennon $30.00
lillian Thaisz $30.00
Sarah K Appleby $30.00
Anna Whalen $25.00
Katheryn J Brauer $25.00
Kim Hauptman $25.00
Lisa Schnibbe $25.00
Mike Sailor $25.00
thomas allison $25.00
Elizabeth M Burns $20.00
Jaclyn M Rose $20.00
Jennifer M Hare $20.00
Lauryn A Douglas $20.00
Melissa K Powers $20.00
Mia S Mullane $20.00
Sara Q. Barton $20.00
Andrew Merritt $10.00
Justin Clough $10.00
Kayla E Mariani $10.00
thomas allison $6.00
Dustin Akers $5.00
Anonymous $2.00
Joe Lennon $2.00
thomas allison $2.00