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About Theresa Vash

I am riding for my good friend Janet- her grace and strength is brilliant.  She lost her sister to MS- and herself is diagnosed with MS.  I am also riding for my amazing niece and nephew's grandmother, Sandy!  She has lived with MS for decades and has a true spirit of a warrior.  Knowing these strong women continues to give me the desire to get out there on my bike and push my limits.  I know, if physcially able, they would be pedaling next to me.  I know they will be with me in spirit- 

I will be starting my ride in Baton Rouge and finishing with the team in St. Augustine.  

Theresa Vash's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $3160
Janet Thabit $500.00
Silvertip Emergency Physicians $500.00
David Brown $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Charles Reavis $100.00
Christy Saldamando $100.00
Debbie Mulcahy $100.00
james maxwell $100.00
Jody Hope Carr $100.00
Judy Baker $100.00
Karen South $100.00
Liza Robertson $100.00
Mary Stubbs $100.00
Todd Gianarelli $100.00
Shelly Deneault $60.00
Anonymous $50.00
Catherine Mayo $50.00
Donna Reber $50.00
Jennifer Byers $50.00
Jennifer ONeill $50.00
Linda Chambers $50.00
Meg Rowe $50.00
Molly Erik Isla Everett Eckert $50.00
Patrick Ebbett $50.00
Debra Krieg $40.00
Patti Kurschat $40.00
Anonymous $25.00
Jake Scott $25.00
Katie Kosnoff $25.00
Laurel Smart $25.00
James Barrus $20.00
Jared Sibbitt $20.00
Tami Nolan $20.00
Greg Louden $5.00
Slyvia's Mother $5.00