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Update: Sept 10, 2017:  I nearly made it back but the severe weather systems made the decision for me to delay and go for a third attempt to finish in 2018. A hurricaine map for the severe hurricaine IRMA hitting FL at the moment shows its path to be (wouldn't you know) directly across my route with weather affecting MO, IL, and Kentucky. So, next year, I will make it back to east Kansas / Mossouri state line and start again. Thanks again to you folks who continue to join the donors on my MS page.

Update: August 2017: Well, this effort was intended to be completed in one full ride from coast to coast but my upbringing in CA has spoiled me with good weather and I had to retreat back to CA again. This is my second retreat due to the weather back east. I was snowed on twice this time in April and nearing Missouri, I had snow behind me, a declared "disaster area" in front of me with Missouri flooding, and electric storms above me. A bike shop owner in Kansas informed me she knew four different people hit by lightening there... so I left my bike and gear with her shop and plan to make a third attempt to cross when weather improves. (Does weather EVER improve back east?). I'm 450 miles east, now, of the official half way point across the USA. The Adventure Cycling Associatin suggests that the weather window for crossing the TransAm route extends through September. My fingers are crossed!

Update: October 2016:  The heat at near the Kansas state line was hitting 109F this last July 2016 when I stopped my eastbound ride of the TransAm route. Out of the 6 of us who began from Astoria, OR, only one succeeded in arriving at the east coast finish point.

I will be re-starting my TransAmerica ride from exactly where I left off on/about April 01, 2017 with an anticipated finish date of approximately May 20, 2017**.  

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Requested Donation: $20.00

Photo attached: Myself on the summit of Mt. Whitney, CA, at 14,500 feet above sea level in July 2013. Group ascent / camping. 3 days. This is the highest peak in the continental United States. It snowed at the summit 2 days earlier and rained 11 hours thereafter. During the descent, the temperature reached 90F.

Why support MS? I've been acquainted with a dozen people in my life who were suffering from MS. The medical malady gets far less attention from the media than other diseases such as HIV and as such, I want to help this particular organization because it has less public awareness.

My route: As established by the Adventure Cycling Association, I will be following the "TransAmerica Route" with possibly a few modifications. The TA route runs from Astoria, OR, to Yorktown, Virginia. Tradition dictates that the rear tire be dipped into the Pacfic Ocean at the start and the front tire be dipped into the Atlantic at the conclusion. I like tradition!

Expected Departure / Completion Dates**:  June 06, 2016 - Stopped due to 109F heat July 2016. **Re-starting April 01, 2017 - May 20, 2017.

( * Due to a bike crash & fractured shoulder blade on Jan 31, 2016, my ride along the Southern Tier Route from San Diego to St. Augustine, FL had to be cancelled and this TransAmerica Route has become "Plan B").

Expected mileage: 4,228 bicycle miles as calculated by the ACA.

Bicycling Experience: Although I have been a bicycle rider since youth, I've only been a serious rider over recent years and I give credit for my accomplishments to my local bicycle club and my fellow members for their contribution to my knowledge, physical stamina, and ability.

Previous bicycle tours:

1) Oregon, 1 week, SAG supported, group, 350 miles, camping. Year 2014.

2) CA, 1 week, SOLO, Santa Rosa, CA - Sherman Oaks, CA, 550 miles, hotels. Year 2014.

3) Oregon, 1 week, SAG supported, group, 350 miles, camping. Year 2015.

4) CA, 4 days, SAG supported, group, Santa Barbara-Mexican border fence, 275 miles. Year 2015.

5) Astoria, OR - Pueblo, CO, 1250 miles, 6 weeks, panniers, 6 riders, camping, private homes, bike hostels, hotels. Year 2016. (western 1/3 of the TransAmerica bicycle route). Year 2016.

6) Year 2017:  Pueblo, CO - East of Wichita, Kansas near Mossouri. SOLO. Panniers. Hotels. Now past the official half way mark across the USA ... by 450 or so miles. Stopped by inclement weather including snow, electric storms, and flooding across Missouri which caused the Governor of that state to declare a "state of emergency."

7) YEAR 2018: East Kansas - 

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ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1598
Debra T $300.00
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