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About Willie Willis

I started riding bikes last year and raced my first season of cyclocross with Sacramento Cyclocross and Rodeocross in Folsom.  I am 51 years old and love outdoor actitvities and challenges!

My brother in law Michael Thomsen and my bosses' wife Erin Bates both have MS, so this ride it is dear to my heart.  I want to do my part to help out and maybe get us one step closer to a cure.

Willie Willis' Fundraising

TRANSAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $191723

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $4495
Willie Willis $1000.00
Anonymous $500.00
Charles Bates $500.00
Daniel Gaines $300.00
dave dorman $250.00
Kriss Bates $250.00
Willie Willis $200.00
Kerry Gullett $125.00
Donna Phelan $100.00
Jeremy Delay $100.00
kevin boyce $100.00
Lois Carson $100.00
Mariah Davis $100.00
Michael Thomsen $100.00
Nadia Artero $100.00
PlumasLake Properties $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Carol Morrow $50.00
Holly Shackleford $50.00
Kathy Grossman $50.00
Kelly Kadunc $50.00
Patrick Ford $50.00
Shawn and Ashley Pace $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Patti Spenger $40.00
Gail Holmes $30.00
Judi Cantrill $25.00
Terri Brownfield $25.00

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