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About Ben Dymond

Howdy fellow Bike the US for MS supporters! My name is Ben Dymond and I hail from Blacksburg, Virginia. A few years out of college, I am in a transition period between full-time research work at Virginia Tech and more graduate school in the fall of 2010 at the University of Minnesota. As the stars aligned and schedules worked themselves out, I found myself able to take part in this life changing event and make an impact on people's lives in a unique way. I am very excited to be a part of the 2010 cyclists and look forward to spreading the message about those affected by MS throughout our journey.

I grew up riding bikes on the rural gravel roads of Platteville, Wisconsin, moved to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and fell for the peace and beauty of mountain I find myself faced with an exciting, physically taxing, and mentally challenging road bike ride of 3,800 miles on back roads across the US. My road biking experience is limited to basic commuting to and from work and around town, so I am looking forward to putting in the hours of practice and days of transcontinental riding!

After hearing about the first Bike the US for MS ride in 2007 and closely following the riders in 2009, I have since come to realize that Multiple Sclerosis is much more prevalent in my life than I ever imagined. I began to talk to friends, family members, and co-workers whose lives have been affected by the disease. I am extremely grateful that such an epic adventure is only the foundation to support a much more important cause. If you have made it this far through my personal statement I fully expect you to click on the button that says "Donate in the Name of Ben Dymond" and join the fight against MS!

Ben Dymond's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $6840
Victoria Mouras $300.00
Carin Wollmann $250.00
David Mokarem $210.00
Christopher and Jennifer Bruce $180.00
Amy Crispino $150.00
Tom Stephens $140.00
William Heely $140.00
Andrew & Barbara Johnson $100.00
Bob Foard $100.00
Brent Jones $100.00
Cris Moen $100.00
Damon Littlefield $100.00
Deborah Young $100.00
Jim Johnson $100.00
Jo Collins $100.00
Jonathan Hatlee $100.00
Lucas Hickey $100.00
Marcy Mullins $100.00
Marilyn Cavell $100.00
Matt Swenty $100.00
Michael Biscotte $100.00
Michael Brown $100.00
N. B. Richardson $100.00
Nancy Sagehorn $100.00
Paul Broadstone $100.00
Randel Dymond $100.00
Roe-Hoan & Myungshin Yoon $100.00
Salli Dymond $100.00
Samuel & Pamela Easterling $100.00
Steve & Christine Haimann $100.00
Ted Koebel $100.00
Valerie Dymond $100.00
William & Kate Collins $100.00
William Wright $100.00
Claudia, Courtney, Julia, Priscilla, Yujuan & Sara $90.00
Bernard Kassner $75.00
Ian Hovey $75.00
Jennifer King $75.00
Kyle Halvordson $75.00
Robin Fatzinger $75.00
Charlene Kelly $70.00
Christina Costello $70.00
Daniel Axson $70.00
Jennifer Gagnon $70.00
Jordan Pitt $70.00
Katie McNamee $70.00
Linda Burrow $70.00
Paul Nagel $70.00
Thomas & Nancy Murray $70.00
William & Melissa Knocke $70.00
Adam Bowland $50.00
Beth & Randel Dymond $50.00
Brenton Stone $50.00
Catherine Koebel $50.00
David Finkenbinder $50.00
David Sellars $50.00
Donna Sanzenbach $50.00
Felicia Etzkorn $50.00
Hunter Hodges $50.00
Jamie Johnson $50.00
Janean Creighton $50.00
Jeri Reinholtz $50.00
Jonathan Emenheiser $50.00
Jordan Jarrett $50.00
Joy Nosenzo $50.00
Jud Campbell $50.00
Karl & Hiltrud Kroemer $50.00
Kathleen Rohr $50.00
Laura Myer $50.00
Laurie Sexton $50.00
Patricia Elias $50.00
Benjamin Cross $35.00
Beverly Fleming $35.00
Shelley Blumenthal $35.00
Catherine Larochelle $30.00
Jana Scott $30.00
Laura Gillett $30.00
Maximilian Opheim $30.00
Megan Schwartz $30.00
Michael Woodworth $30.00
Molly Dymond $30.00
Rhiannon Fox $30.00
Walter & Rebekah Fedrowitz $30.00
James & Elizabeth Thomas $25.00
Jeffrey & Ann Crate $25.00
Lauren McDuffie $25.00
Marvin Halling $25.00
Nancy Dymond $25.00
Danny Lentz $20.00
Nathan Mutispaugh $20.00
Michael & Linda Harvey $15.00