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Southern Illinois University
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About Peter Batinski




My name is Peter Batinski, and first off I want to say I am super excited about going on this amazing bike ride while also raising donations for MS research.  I am originally from the beautiful oasis of Carbondale, Illinois.  But at the age of 14 I realized this town was too small for me and I decided to hit the road and see this beautiful world.  Upon first leaving I moved to Massachusetts, and then New Hampshire, and then Montana, and then North Carolina while on occasion living with families in a few different countries around the world.  I have now moved back to Carbondale Illinois to complete my degree In Agricultural Systems with a specialization Food Processing, Engineering and Technology at Southern Illinois University and graduating in May 2011.  I have also completed studies at the Siebel Institute of Technology in brewing science and technology.  This past summer I was brewing for a company in Middlebury Vermont (where the Northern Tier trail goes through), brewing is my passion and what I will be doing after I complete this amazing adventure across America. After this trip I will hopefully beginning to complete my Master Brewers Diploma.  I have also recently been a farmer at a small lettuce/coffee farm on the big island of Hawaii. I love extended outdoor adventures like this one and can't wait to hit the road!

Peter Batinski's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $4030
Carbondale Raffle $915.00
Anonymous $500.00
Kathy Pericak-Spector $400.00
Raffle Money $300.00
Rollin Perkins $200.00
Anonymous $150.00
Ed Hoffman $100.00
Emily Batinski $100.00
Jill Adams $100.00
Marjorie Morgan $100.00
Michael C Batinski $100.00
Susan Fehrenbacher $100.00
Ted Weeks $100.00
C. Anne & James Allen $50.00
Charles & Frances Fanning $50.00
eloy r wouters $50.00
John Dotson $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Lisabeth DiLalla $50.00
Lorie and Howard Allen $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Mark & Sandra Johnson $50.00
Mary Pohlmann $50.00
Mary Sasse $50.00
Parviz & Kathleen Sanjabi $50.00
Rodney & Gloria Jones $50.00
Sue Howell $50.00
Bryan Breeding $25.00
Joyce Webb $25.00
Rita Moss $25.00
Robert & Victoria Hoffman $25.00
The Yarn Shoppe $25.00
matthew e mccarroll $20.00
maurine pyle $20.00