About Paul Maile

Hello from England,

My Name is Paul Maile and I’m lucky enough to be joining the Bike across America Team for the southern tier route for Multiple Sclerosis, I am looking forward to the challenges this ride will present  and ticking it off my bucket list. This is probably my 3rd or 4th midlife as my wife Tara calls it, there will be more!

I am ex British Military having server 23 years, after leaving  the Army I have worked in some unusual places like Tajikistan and Mogadishu, as long as there is a pub at the end of the 3070 miles ill be a happy Man..:)

ALL MONIES GO TO MS SO Please Donate for this charity and  thanks for your time J

costs of flights and expenses are born by myself not the charity 

Paul Maile's Fundraising


ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578179

RAISED: $802
Rick Maile $308.00
Kevin Braddell $154.00
Ross Smith $100.00
shaun Harrop $100.00
Martin Kilbey $77.00
Damien jenkins $31.00
peter learmonth $15.00
Rhys Pattinson $15.00