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About Chandler Larkin

Biking across the country has been a dream of mine for a few years, and now I have the opportunity to do that alongside awareness for MS. 


In the summer of 2016, I will get to be a member of the Northern Tour Team of Bike the US for MS. This means that I will be biking 4295 across the northern portion of the United States. This ride will take 69 days and take me from Bar Harbor, Maine to Seattle, Washington, and 13 other states in between. 4295 miles, 69 days, 15 states, and my goal is to raise the funds needed for my ride that will go towards supporting my friends and everyone affected by MS. 


In 2010 I raced my first triathlon. I did this as a member of Team in Training, an organization that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I was inspired to compete with them because my Grandmother was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2000, but was able to fight it, and has been healthy for nearly 15 years now. That would not have been possible without the work of LLS. As a member of Team in Training I purchased my bike which I have had ever since. It is a black Schwinn with purple and green accents that I have named Barney because of its color. Barney and I have completed 10 triathlons now including two half irons each of which include a 56 mile bike ride. That is of course minimal compared to the 4295 mile journey we will be taking next summer.


I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Mathematics with a focus in Computer Science and Statistics. I will graduate in the spring of 2017 meaning that this is my last summer before I must enter the “real world”. This means that this could be my only opportunity to bike the country, and so I need your support. As I mentioned, my goal is to raise $4295. That is $1 for every mile that I will be riding. 


Bike the US for MS is an organization that raises money to help treat and care for people who have multiple sclerosis. The money goes to centers that treat people with MS, and towards home accessibility projects that fit people's homes with ramps, stair lifts, and bathroom fixtures that allow people with MS to live comfortably. If you would like to support me, the easiest way is by clicking the orange donation button next to my picture above. This is supporting my ride to help treat and care for people and their families living with multiple sclerosis.

Chandler Larkin's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $4300
Anonymous $300.00
Jeff and Erin Rishel $250.00
Julie Stanley $150.00
Judith Coombes & Frances Hedgeland $125.00
Cookie Larkin $100.00
Crescent Industries Inc $100.00
Donald & Frances Hedgeland $100.00
Gerald & Linda Kile $100.00
Harold & Carolyn Rishel $100.00
Heather Nelson $100.00
Holly Kile $100.00
Jacqueline Altland $100.00
Lew and Linda Elicker $100.00
Richard & Sandra Bear $100.00
Shawn Magill $100.00
Susan Bonsall $100.00
Troy & Laurie Abel $100.00
Vicki Goodling $100.00
Suzanne Atkinson $75.00
Isaac's $71.00
Fred Zelt $51.00
Alicia Stanley $50.00
Andrea Senn $50.00
Andrew Rowlands $50.00
Chris and Kathy Rowlands $50.00
Dave and Kathleen Smolizer $50.00
Denise Blackwell $50.00
Don Larkin $50.00
Don Larkin $50.00
Emily and Nick Wiley $50.00
Fred Zelt $50.00
Jack lindvig $50.00
Joy Klinger $50.00
Kimberly Preske Jayson Miller $50.00
Lynn Smolizer $50.00
Melissa Larkin-Skinner $50.00
Rena Ivory $50.00
Robert Rishel $50.00
Robin Nelson $50.00
Stephanie L $50.00
Stillerz Fanz $50.00
Christine Stanley $45.00
Maharsi Naidu $45.00
John Reagan $43.00
Lloyd and Julie Myers $35.00
Jenniffer Smith $30.00
LarryAndWendy Stoner $30.00
Nelson & Crystal Torbert $30.00
Donald & Lori Joel $25.00
Linda Gallagher $25.00
Mike Lattari $25.00
Sherry Webster $25.00
Terry Waltemire $25.00
Walter & Tara Calaman $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
Donna & Stephen Cherry $20.00
Guy & Corinne Larkin $20.00
Joel & Sandra Itzoe $20.00
Kenneth & Patricia Godfrey $20.00
Linda Reck & Danielle Tracey $20.00
Maria Miller $20.00
Tricia Herriman $20.00
Ellen Russell $15.00
Stephanie Wiscount $15.00
Stillerz Fanz $15.00
Angela Sutt $10.00
Caralyn Gorman $10.00
Jordan McGee $10.00
Julia Zheng $10.00
Julie Hartz $10.00
Kelly Donovan $10.00
Kristin Hedgeland $10.00
Micah Vinovskis $10.00
Mike Bolock $10.00
Morgan Martin $10.00
Sara Dugan $10.00
Sean Bulman $10.00
Madeline Kauffman $5.00
Stephanie Bergan $5.00