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About Ernie Gonzales


My name is Ernie Gonzales and I am overly excited to be part of “Bike the US for MS 2016” team.  After dreaming of riding across the United States most of my life, I am now embarking on a ride of my life.  I am 60 years old and have been an avid cyclist most of my life.  I love the outdoors and all the many activities that can be done.  I have had the honor of serving our nation as a soldier in the Army for 20 years and serving in Europe where I was able to cycle the small roads and experience the culture and the people.   After retiring from the military, I continued to serve my community and was blessed to be ordained as a deacon in the Catholic Church. 

In researching how I was going to fulfill a bucket wish, I discovered the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  From that moment on I knew this was the cause I wanted to get behind.  I am honored to have been accepted to ride for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  I have had the honor of meeting people in my community living with the struggles of MS.  I met a new friend at a local MS empowerment meeting, and I was sharing with them the ride I was going to be embarking on for the MS society.  This women gave me some very valuable information.  She said, “You ride hard and strong every day.  Attack the hills and keep your head low in the headwinds, but always enjoy the downhill’s, because people with MS always look forward to the good days and get through the rough days.  And NEVER EVER GIVE UP, WE DON'T".  With that, I'm committed.

The funds that are raised on this campaign will help with research and treatment for the people afflicted with MS.  So this is how it works: we are riding 3785 miles in 62 days (WOW!) and asked to raise $1 per mile.  A small cost for the effort it will take to complete this ride.  But no where near the effort people struggleing with MS daily.  I have set a personel goal of $3800.00 (but hope to exceed that amount) .  I pray that you will join me in hepling me with this effort.  WE CAN DO IT!   

You can donate online by clicking the donate button at the top of this page or you can mail your funds to MS PO BOX 10001 Blackburg, Va. 24062.  Please add my name to the memo line so it will go in my MS account.  Every donatation means alot to me and the MS community.  For the person who elects not to leave their name, "THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART".  All others will recieve a personal "THANK YOU" via email from me.   

Thank you for your support, prayers and funds in supporting the many people struggling with MS. 


Ernie Gonzales' Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $4675
Anonymous $378.00
James & Jacque Watson $250.00
Bethany Diaz $150.00
Art Sanchez $100.00
Brian Lucero $100.00
Cara Garcia $100.00
Charles Silver $100.00
Chris Fill $100.00
Dale Willey $100.00
Gerald Thurman $100.00
Greg Lopez $100.00
Joseph & Maricela Kussey $100.00
Justin Look $100.00
Karen Zahn $100.00
Lawrence Maude $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Mike Gibbs $100.00
Mike Sampson $100.00
Patrick Coughlin $100.00
Rickey Romanini $100.00
Tara Walter $100.00
Ted Lang $100.00
Teresa Ramirez-Lopez $100.00
Theresa Johnson $100.00
Brooks Knoll $75.00
Dale & Carolyn Willey $75.00
DEBRA Giambelluca $75.00
Eric Weikert $75.00
James McBride $75.00
Sean & Rebecca Olson $75.00
Todd Taylor $75.00
aaron arreola $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Art Gradillas $50.00
Barry Price $50.00
Carl Bonacci $50.00
Carolyn Renzy $50.00
Cindy Hallas $50.00
Joe Sawinski $50.00
Karen Ord $50.00
Larry Wissler $50.00
Michael Ritchie $50.00
Rick Hernandez $50.00
Robert Pendley $50.00
Todd Ruble $50.00
Michael Cano $40.00
Kyle Read $30.00
Connie Conlon $25.00
Connie Conlon (GE Matching Gift) $25.00
GE Foundation Matching Gifts $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Irene Montoya $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Michelle Lane $25.00
Tommi Clarke $25.00