Long Beach,CA
2015 Gaint Tcr Slr 2
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About Eddie Sinsun

Hey everyone my name is Eddie Sinsun and I will be leading this years northern tier team across country by bicycle. So just a little bit about myself I am 22 years old and I live in sunny Long Beach,CA. I am also a Bike the US for MS alumni and rode the transam route last year from Yorktown, VA to San Franscico, CA. I biked from coast to coast on my trusty road bike for two months and loved every minute of it. This was hands down the best time of my life and I'm so excited to help lead a group of cyclists through the northern tier this year. I honestly didnt know too much about Multiple Sclerosis(MS) until I joined this group. During this trip you will meet so many random people just thanking you for what you're doing. When someone tells me that I think to myself "Why? I'm just riding my bike." but it's the fact that you're choosing to bike across country, raise money for research, and bring awareness to those who don't know too much or nothing about the disease that makes you important. I honestly deep deep down believe it's the little things you do that make a huge difference in life. With all this being said I can't wait for this trip to start and I can't wait to bring smiles to countless people across the country and I can't wait to meet my amazing team!

Eddie Sinsun's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $200000



Geoffrey Shidler $100.00
Dick Darr $50.00
Jack lindvig $50.00
Kristie Scharfe $50.00
Linda Shidler $50.00
Stephanie Sasaki $50.00
susan murphy $50.00
Daniel Leavitt $1.00
Daniel Leavitt $1.00
Daniel Leavitt $1.00