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About Andrea Aragon

Thank you for visiting my fund raising page for Bike the US for MS.    This summer of 2016, I hope to cross the USA by bicycle to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.   Our team of cyclists will start the ride on June 2, at Yorktown, Virginia, and ride for 62 days, thru 9 states and follow the Transamerica bike trail.  We arrive in San Francisco, California on August 1, after cycling 3785 miles. 
Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, and disabling disease that affects the central nervous system, and affects more than 2.4 million people world wide.   The funds raised from our bike ride will go toward research and treatment of the disease, as well as provide financial assistance to patients.   The cyclists will also volunteer their time during rest days and work on various projects for the MS community members in towns along the way.
I am very excited and happy to have the time and this opportunity to fulfill a long time dream and help in a very good cause.  I hope you can support me by donating on this page, to help me raise my fundraising goal of $3785.

Andrea Aragon's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $3808
Justina Aragon $250.00
Martin Meichsner $250.00
Pia Sweeney $250.00
Anonymous $200.00
Jon Hensley $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
HERNANI Codera $100.00
Joel Mangulabnan $100.00
Kamran Tiv $100.00
Liza de Leon $100.00
Melanie Thompson $100.00
Michael Raleigh $100.00
Miki Sazon $100.00
Telly Encarnacion $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Tony Bello $100.00
Victor Aragon $100.00
Arlene Mccarthy $75.00
Anonymous $75.00
Melissa Cohen $75.00
Ana Lim $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Annabel Farrales $50.00
Arleen Villoria $50.00
Bavelyn Vega $50.00
Dean Austin $50.00
Elias Aragon $50.00
Erl Papa $50.00
frances millado $50.00
Hope Canning $50.00
Imee Birkett $50.00
Loki Aragon $50.00
Lydia Lavendia $50.00
Lyra Aragon $50.00
Magnolia Jao $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Ofra Gelman $50.00
Ramoncito Ruiz $50.00
Vickie Banks $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Isabel Aragon $38.00
Canan Usdu-Topalhan $25.00
Isabel Foltz $25.00
John Mattioli $25.00
Kyle Leiker $25.00
Alison McKelvie $20.00
Uli Dietz $20.00
Anonymous $15.00