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About Guy Laing

Hello everyone!!  . Thanks for visiting my Bike the US for MS site.    As a full-time Project Superintendent for The Korte Company, a national construction company based in St. Louis, Missouri, I don’t have the flexibility to bike the entire Northern Ride, but I will be riding from Havre, Montana to Seattle, Washington for a total of 19 days and just over 1,000 miles.  Not near as much as the companions I will join, but a fair distance for an old guy like me.

I have been an avid cyclist since I received my first “real” bike, a 5-speed Schwinn, when I was about 13.  During my teen years, I would spend each summer day riding house to house with my friends  all day.  As time progressed, I graduated to a 10 speed and then a 15 speed, along the way participating in several century length fund raising rides and after college actually rode through the winter in Minnesota one year because my car was having some “issues”. Trust me, there’s nothing like keeping to the right, on a dark winter evening after the snow plow ruts have re-frozen to make for an interesting ride.  After moving to Las Vegas, I became a bike commuter and rode virtually every day to and from work for about 10 years until I went into the construction industry. Believe it or not but it’s pretty hard to take your tools to and from work, and haul sheets of plywood or drywall around, so my bike languished for about 15 years.  Recently, in March 2015, I started biking again to get healthy, purchased a new bike, and have ridden about 2,500 miles since then.

Ethan, one of the Northern Tier riders who just happens to be my son, introduced me to Bike the US for MS, a GREAT cause.  Having friends with MS, I decided I needed to get on board with this ride and do my part.  Along the way we will be raising awareness for MS and completing service projects for people with MS. Make sure you check out other pages on this site for information about where we go and what we do.

Donations can be made directly on this page on the upper right corner by clicking the "Donate" button. All donations are tax deductible.*
You can also write checks out to Bike the US for MS and mail them to:

Bike the US for MS (with “Guy Laing” written in the memo line.
PO Box 10001
Blacksburg, VA, 24062
( * ) Bike the US for MS Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization; tax ID #27-2192426

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ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $7100
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