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About Lawrence Sullivan

My name is Larry Sullivan, I am riding across the U.S. in support of the MS Association.  I have been in health care for 35 years and have seen the ravages of this disease on our families and friends, help us raise as much money as possible towards research and a cure. I have pledged to raise $5000.00 myself and would appreciate any help that you could provide!

I am a long time bike rider,  with many multiple day  tours ridden across the northwest U.S.  In 2006 I rode from Seattle to Washington, DC for the American Lung Association to celebrate my 50th birthday, it was an amazing trip that reestablished my faith in humanity and shows that there are so many honest and truly caring people in America.  My bike "Bullet" will have reached 100,000 miles when I reach San Francisco after 62 days.

I'm really excited about this great adventure that we are embarking on!  You can donate online by clicking on the donate button @ the top of this page or you can mail your funds to MS, P.O. box 10001, Blacksburg, VA, 24062.  Please add my name to the memo line so my account will be credited.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Lawrence Sullivan's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $3920
Anonymous $1000.00
Anonymous $120.00
Dave McIntyre $100.00
David Walker $100.00
Gregory Repetti $100.00
Jane McCollor $100.00
Joan Jaynes $100.00
John Wilson $100.00
Ken Jaynes $100.00
LeAnne Eckhart $100.00
Michael Ettner $100.00
Ramona DiBiasi $100.00
Rod Gaither $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
stacy stillwell $100.00
Stan Foster $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Dawn Chou $75.00
Donna Hunts $75.00
Tom Highfill $75.00
Andy Ladan $50.00
Ashley Miller and Devin Simons $50.00
Billy Idol $50.00
Connie Priebe $50.00
Daniel McIntyre $50.00
Ed Jones $50.00
Erica Hakonson $50.00
Gregory Manning $50.00
Gus and Farrah Wessel $50.00
Jeanette Schneider $50.00
Jonathan Keeve $50.00
Karen Froehlich $50.00
Kerri Ruddell $50.00
lynnette heidenreich $50.00
Randi Marsh $50.00
Tamara Brining $50.00
TnT Russo $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Janine Moore $40.00
Bill Putren $25.00
Julie Hoerner $25.00
Mary Requejo $25.00
Paul Gonzales $25.00
Angela Molina $10.00