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About Luke Fadem

More and more since signing up for this ride, I've come to realize the value of  the cause we're cycling for. When I explain what I'm doing this summer, people share their experiences and struggles with MS, either because they have the disease or because someone they're close to does. As has been driven home over the past months, this is a very real condition with very real effects on people's lives.

I'm proud to be cycling (4,295 loooong miles) across the US to raise awareness of MS and funds for research and financial assistance. I'm also looking forward to engaging more closely with the MS community through the service projects we'll be performing throughout the summer.

As for me... I'm Luke and I'll be returning home from The Hague, Netherlands--where until very recently I lived and worked for the United Nations--to do the ride. There are very few things that make me happier than just jumping on a bike and seeing some scenery.

Before we begin, a huge thank you in advance to the volunteers, hosts, and leaders for all they'll be doing to make this happen. And fellow riders, I can't wait to meet you all. Let's make some stories this summer.

- Luke

Luke Fadem's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $4297
Anonymous $1800.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Richard Fadem $500.00
Alisha Carlile $100.00
Anna Fadem $100.00
Irene Joe $100.00
Jason Chin $100.00
Amy Haddix $75.00
Margo Graxeda $52.00
Amber McCoy $50.00
David Feldman $50.00
Felicity Meu $50.00
Karen & Steve Bovarnick $50.00
Lauren Viera $50.00
Nema Milaninia $50.00
Jessica Strange $20.00