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About Zach Wasielewski

On my 18th birthday, I wrote a letter to myself to open on my 22nd birthday (August 2015). This is what it said.

..."How did school go? Were you a math and business major? I hope you're ready for the real world. You need to get to that... and soon. I want you to go into the Peace Corps and help the world, get a good job for good people, and I hope you haven't gotten a car. I hope you never do get one and you ride your bike everywhere. Hopefully life goes well for you in NYC! Enjoy, my man. Always remember your morals, trust in God, and never stop smiling. Personality and confidence is what spreads throughout the world making it a better place. Good luck."

Well school was great. I graduated with honors, a double major in math and econ, a 50 page thesis, and a high GPA. When most graduates think back to what they said freshman year about their goals, many can't say that they achieved them. With the exception of owning a car, I've done what i set out to do (so far), but I don't plan on stopping. My goals are forever changing and revolve around the last part of the letter. I plan on never stopping my love for others, myself, and this world. I am so thankfully for the opportunity to ride with this organization once already, but I will never stop trying to make this world a better place.

Riding my bike across Virginia is more than just a fun time with a bunch of amazing people. It's a life goal to do anything it takes to spread love and joy to anyone who will accept it. I didn't know anyone with MS before last summer's bike trip, but I do now. I know you need to take me at my word on this, but these people I met last summer are more than deserving of your love and your donations. No matter how much you can give, it will be going to something far greater than I can even explain.

Thank you and God bless.

Zach Wasielewski's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $1335
Stacey Wasielewski $660.00
Andrea Sobreiro $100.00
Jordan Lipsky $100.00
Stacey Wasielewski $100.00
Maggie Wasielewski $75.00
Emily Illig $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Summer Casiano $30.00
Justin Baldwin $25.00
Kristine Soberal $25.00
Lois Wasielewski $25.00
Nick Patrone $25.00
Robert Kasper $25.00
Brandon Bell $15.00
Anonymous $10.00
Jack Shi $10.00
Stephanie Saliba $10.00