Berkshires, Western MA
Felt FW25. Photo credit: James Reuter, Height of Land, ME
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About Amy Gumprecht

Welcome to my fundraising page for Bike the US for MS 2016! Cycling across the country has long been a dream of mine and life has presented an opportunity to undertake this journey with others as we help to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. I ride to support research and look forward to the trip's volunteer days to assist in increasing physical access for those impacted by MS. I ride in memory of several people, most notably my husband's cousin, Nick. He was afflicted with physical changes as a young man which were later diagnosed as MS in his 20s. Nick had an unflappable sense of humor and sharp wit throughout his short life which ended sadly in his mid 30s due to MS complications. One of Nick's more poignant comments to me was to pay attention to the small things for they contain much spiritual guidance. Nick's life was an inspiration to many and I think he would be pleased to know that I am undertaking this challenge of riding 3,070 miles in 52 days. We will also be camping, buying and cooking our own food to limit costs. Please donate whatever amount that you are able to support this worthy cause. If you prefer to send a check, make it out to Bike the US for MS, place my name on the memo line and mail it to Bike the US for MS, PO Box 10001, Blacksburg, VA 24062.

 Thanks so much for your support!

Amy Gumprecht's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $4666
Winterfest North Adams, MA $642.00
Fin, Feathers, & Fur Club $538.00
BJ Dunn $250.00
Christine Trefethen $250.00
Spring a Lele Festival $169.00
Daisy Layman $100.00
Donne Frison $100.00
Hope Nilsson $100.00
Karen Nutter $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Lynne Weir $100.00
Pat Vint $100.00
rick possee $100.00
Rob Wright $100.00
Thane Joyal $100.00
Allan Lorge $75.00
Angel Brunelle $75.00
Kristin Stauch $75.00
Lynne Veinote $75.00
U A Fine Hair Studio $75.00
Linda Finney $55.00
Anne Wight $50.00
Berkshire Elder Law Center PC $50.00
Bernice Trefethen $50.00
Chelsea Bunker $50.00
Cindy Olsen $50.00
Dilego Jewelry Store $50.00
Fran Chuck Lucas $50.00
Gary Nussbaum $50.00
James Reuter $50.00
Jean & Keith Noel $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Jessica Guaragna $50.00
Laurie Rondeau $50.00
Nancy Meehan $50.00
Rick D'Elia $50.00
Robert Nedderman $50.00
Tracey and David Johnson $50.00
Wendy and Ray Youmans-Geiger $50.00
Yael Shayne $50.00
Anonymous $36.00
Julie Butler $35.00
Nigel Greene $31.00
Barbara Growney $30.00
Allen Bailey $25.00
Amy Damboise $25.00
Dietlind Vander Schaaf $25.00
Dominic Cirillo $25.00
Judith McConnell $25.00
Patricia McDonald $25.00
Ronald & Brenda Vaillancourt $25.00
Stephanie Therrien $25.00
Susan MacDonald $25.00
Tara Flippo $25.00
Carolyn Bobowiec $20.00
Kathy Skillings-Murach and Robert Murach $20.00
Lisa Hunt $15.00