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About Stephen French

My name is Stephen French and I'm a Registered Nurse at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. As a former United States Marine and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, I have realized my true calling is to the incredible persons stricken with life-limiting disease. Oncological Nursing, therefore, has chosen me (not a typo) as a profession where I can best use my talents in the care and support of people living with all types of cancer.

In relocating my home and profession to Seattle, Washington and being the kind of person that is continuously trying to think outside the box, I stumbled upon the MS bike ride as a favorite alternative to the usual means of transportation. I've traveled to distant countries to support communities in need of humanitarian aid as well as being active in local fundraising activities to benefit research and outreach projects. While I am a moderately athletic and outdoorsy guy, I welcome this exciting challenge which I am fortunate to be a part of.

I can't think of a more spectacular way to dedicate myself to the advancement of research and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis than to join the courageous men and women for an inspiring trek across the country spreading awareness while enjoying the wide open spaces. Please join me in this effort dedicated to help educate newly diagnosed patients, and raise much needed research funds to help find a cure.

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Stephen French's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $3057
Nilesh Panchal $799.00
Charity Poker Game $400.00
Community Yard Sale $400.00
Douglas Hudson $250.00
Mehul Shah $200.00
David Geihsler $100.00
Eftechios Ballas $83.00
Amy French $50.00
Brian Kennedy $50.00
Chris Cenotti $50.00
Elizabeth Deveney $50.00
Emily Gilbreath $50.00
Jean McKinnon $50.00
Katherine Scibilia $50.00
Louise Hudson $50.00
Lynn Gilbreath $50.00
Stacy Barber $50.00
John Jacobson $38.00
Cheryl Edwards $25.00
Deborah Wolfgang $25.00
Gregory Geihsler $25.00
Paul Gore $25.00
Sharon Krawiecki $25.00
Tim & Tammy Isley $20.00
Asav Dharia $15.00
Jennifer Williams $15.00
Marie Robinson $10.00
John Manor $2.00